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  • 4-11-2008 Conference Call
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Agenda Items

T&L Pre-Conference 1/2 Day Workshop

DRAFT Outline (4-hours total)

  • Introduction/overview of what T&L has done and wants to do (30 minutes)
  • Brief/long? presentations on Sakai tool applications (1 hour)
  • Brief/long? presentations on best practices for using tools (1 hour)
  • Brief/long? presentations on faculty professional development ideas/examples (30 minutes)
  • Discussion/feedback on future focus of T&L efforts (30 minutes)
  • Discussion of repository issues (30 minutes)

Nate will put up a page for the pre-conference sign-up.

Who is attending and could help organize and run the session?



What you can/want to do?

Josh Baron

Help plan/organize.  Can present some tool applications, best practices and training topics.

Kate Ellis

As long as it doesn't conflict with the UX pre-conf mtng (if there is one)


  • Push the deadline to the 18th? Janet, Kate, Eddie will discuss it on Monday.
  • Push info to some more lists.
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