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Participants: John Hayes (Berkeley), Janet (Delaware), Sue Roig (Claremont)

1. New Business - a preview of Sakai 2.6
John Hays had posted this to the mailing list on 3/23:

"Last week, I floated the idea to Peter Knoop about doing another Breeze
demo so that he could walk through the major changes in the 2.6 release
of Sakai. Originally, I imagined this would fit in an End-User group
call, but after a few email exchanges with Peter & Rita Pavolka at
Indiana, it seemed like everyone in Teaching & Learning might have an

We went back and forth on a couple of dates, but does it make sense to
fill a Wednesday T&L time slot? Peter thought he could easily spend an
hour or more, so it would require the bulk of a meeting time. My only
personal request is that it not on April 15th since that is the date of
the Educause Western Regional Conference."

We agreed that this would be a great idea. We are targeting W., April 29. John will work on arrangements with Peter.

2. TWSIA Judging

  • There are now the 4 finalists that we agreed upon last week.
  • Sue and Janet are handling the technical, logistical, and personal aspects of the final judging.
  • We will use Elluminate. It should work fine if participants "raise their hands" and not all have open microhpones.
  • Josh, is your conference number available as a backup?
  • Judging will have to take place on April 23, 24, 29, 30 and May 1 as these are the only days Karen Swan is available. Sue has not had e-mail response from the other judges so she will be contacting them by phone today and tomorrow to get their schedule.
  • Sue will also use the e-mail(s) we sent out last year to those who are finalists, and those who were not successful. She will follow up with phone calls to finalists.
  • Janet will help in anyway possible, but has conflict starting around April 22. She wants a volunteer who participated in the first round of judging who would be willing to work with Sue to facilitate the final round. Please send e-mail to
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