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Participants: Josh, Sue, Mathieu, Robin, Hannah, Steve, Salwa

The 2009 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award deadline has past so we're in the process of moving into the evaluation phase. Those who are participating in the judging have a call scheduled for tomorrow to review the plans for the initial round of evaluations so we won't take too much time on today's call to discuss the award. That said, I think it would be useful to do a general "check in" to look out on the horizon a bit to make sure we have a grip on what is coming up next.

In addition to this topic, I would like to talk a bit more about the idea of running a pre-conference Teaching and Learning "workshop". We had some good ideas last time we discussed this but I think we need to firm them up a bit.

Finally, if we have time and there is interest, I would like to continue the dialog around some type of new "requirements" process that would help the teaching and learning community surface functionality needs.


  • 17 entries
  • Thoughts on why? People were intimidated by last year's winners.
  • We should define a lower bar.
  • Location might have been a problem. Not as exotic.
  • Budget crisis?
  • The extension was helpful. To keep in mind for next year.


  • Sue: everything is running smoothly.
  • Sue will manage the final judging.
  • Initial judging meeting tomorrow.
  • Kate will run the show tomorrow.

2. Pre-conference

  • Josh touched base with Dr. Chuck. Not going to use a big chunk of time this year.
  • Robin is in charge of the 5 minutes of fame/shame/frame. Created the event. Preconference 2009 Teaching and Learning
  • We can leave some free informal time during the pre-conference.
  • Robin and Sue are track leads for "Using Sakai".
  • April 10th: deadline to submit proposals.
  • Would be nice to bring in students too.
  • Robin: T&L, portfolio, End-User lists.
  • Josh: Announcements, Newsletter.
  • Need a featured presentation for the TWSIA winners.

3. RI Conference

  • Steve: Attend if you're into K12.

4. Sakai 3 Announcement

  • Michael is going to send a document in the near future.
  • Lots of opportunities to get engaged.

5. Requirements Gathering

  • Requirement process is kinda broken... Need for a T&L requirement gathering process.
  • Problems with Jira.
  • Steve: Very important work, but we struggle to find time to do it.
  • Robin: The process exists, but people are confused.
  • What's blocking the development process in the community? We are not sure...
    • Communication issues.
    • Developers don't like to fix, they like to build.
    • Salwa: The list was getting too long, hard to assign. Fell through the cracks.
    • Not enough developer resources to make things happen.
  • Users are not developers in Sakai... Unlike other open-source projects.