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  • 3-28-2008 Conference Call
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Agenda Items

1. Update on PR efforts related to Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008

  • Press release got some notable visibility.
  • Get T&L centers to spread the news.
  • Send another announcement to the Sakai list to ask people to forward the message.

2. Status/feedback on online application form and survey for collecting evaluations

  • Nate: site gets some hits. Hits coming from CC and MK's blogs.
  • The online application form has been reviewd, not the survey.

3. Thoughts on a Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference Session in Paris

  • Follow-up by email

4. Teaching and Learning focused conference proposals

  • Follow-up by email
  • Deadline is Monday, hurry up!

5. Set a phone call with judges

  • Who will be the primary contact?
  • Make the orientation individual.
  • Judge from IBM? They want somebody involved, but are struggling at finding someone who is T&L focused.
  • Judge from Paris. Need to get in touch with Michael.
  • People who invited the judges will get in touch with them to figure out their schedule for an orientation call. (Josh, Maggie, Janet)
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