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  • 2011 Committee Getting Started Mtg
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Meeting Time:
Monday, July 26, 2010 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific

Call in Information:
Phone: 605-990-0111 218-862-1000
Code: 1021049


*Volunteer Notetaker:


Welcome and Introductions (Introduce Yourself)

  • Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins
  • Maggie Lynch, College of the Redwoods
  • Salwa Khan, Texas State University
  • Sue Roig, Claremont Graduate University

How do we want to work and communicate?

  • Frequency of calls/meetings
  • Alternate Communication Methods
  • Forums
  • Sakai Site
  • Listserv
  • Using OpenEd Practices site?

During Conference Sakai site would be offered to help multiple T&L subgroups. One site is a better
May have links out to various sites, like etherpad, but as long as there is one site.
Organizing a little better. Best Practices by Categetories: By Tools, by Practices.
How quickly can we get something set up?
Spread out the responsibilities for editing sections - training the various people

Areas of Focus (What do we want to work on)

  • Categories
    • Gives us a chance to compare Apples to Apples
    • First Define Categories, then Define Innovation (add into rubric)
    • K-12, Community College, Undergrad, Grad?
    • Fully online, hybrid, web-enhanced
    • How to combine needs?
    • Does outsides tools placed in Sakai count? even if strong in pedagogy
  • Rubric

Checklist for what makes a good course - maybe from existing rubric
Then where in those items is/are the innovation

2011 Brainstorming Page

Next Steps:
Rob: Mtg with Kim, Josh, etc., about OpenEd
Come up with a definition of innovation
Determine categories - lenses or other?
Use of lenses - definition of innovation vs categories?

Next Meeting:
Weekly Mondays 12-1 EST, 9-10 Pacific

TWSIA 2010 winners interviews: Bowman Knipe Swenson Danish
Next Steps:

Next Meeting: