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  • 20 Oct 2010 Conference Call
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Call In Information:

Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
Enter in passcode: 917798#

From Josh Baron, 19 October:

Rough Agenda:  A representative from each of the primary teaching and learning sub-groups briefly highlight major outcomes from the last month's work as well as areas in which you need input, feedback or additional people to help.  We can then do a short Q&A so that the larger group can ask questions and get clarification on topics.

Notes will be taken live on this EtherPad:

To Start--


Reports from Sub-Groups

T&L Design Lenses

Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award

Distance Learning

Student Engagement

Other Old and New Business

Instructional Visioning Efforts:
Helpful Pages for New Contributors:
  Using Confluence:
  Taking Notes for Meetings:

Portfolio Visioning

Document Effort (Redux)

Meeting Minutes from Etherpad

Pad Notes

Sakai Community Teaching and Learning Group
Monthly Conference Call, 20 October 2010

Call In Information

Dial 1-888-447-7153 (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
Enter in passcode: 917798#


  • Rob Coyle, Johns Hopkins
  • Debbie Runshe, IU/IUPUI
  • Kate Ellis, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Salwa Khan, Texas State University
  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Maggie Ricci, Indiana University
  • Ken Romeo - Stanford
  • Susan Roig - Claremont
  • Robin Hill, Wyoming
  • Suzanne Gord, Miami University
  • Dan Kiskis, University of Michigan
  • Ann Jensen, TX State
  • Tony McKenzie, Charles Sturt
  • David Goodrum, Indiana University
  • Maggie Lynch, College of the Redwoods


Josh, introduction:  Anyone is invited to provide sub-group updates.

Suzanne G:  Place for faculty conversations in the T&L community?  
Josh B:  No.  Ha, ha.  (smile)
We haven't had faculty participating to an extent that drives the topics.  But would like to!  Faculty welcome.
Maggie L:  We need such a space.  
All agree.
David G:  Some institutions have user group for that purpose.
Josh B:  Faculty likely to be more engaged by DL discussion than by many other T&L group concerns.
Rob C:  Easy to set up groups in OpenEdPractices.

Update from Educause 

Poster sessions on Sakai, open source.  Well attended, in small area  --> heavy stream of people.  Posters placed in strategic locations, flyers.

Josh B:  Panel on community source projects-- About 30 people.  Practice is becoming mainsteam and recognized.  Viable for a range of institutions.  Presentations on Open Academic Environment (description for Sakai 3); confusion on scope of project.  Major buzz around SunGard/rSmart.
David G:  Could turn out to be a watershed.  See for official news re OAE.

Reports from Sub-Groups

*T&L Design Lenses*

Lynn W:  Lenses group is regularly helping with Sakai 3 roadmap goals.  Schedule has been extended.  For Q2, goals are page authoring, hybrid mode, SDK for UI, asynchronous discussion, anonymous browsing.  Lenses group reviews and comments on mini-specs, applying their institutional perspectives and requirements.  May also discuss less urgent, less defined minispec topics.  All welcome to participate.

David G:  Conversations on materials, based on design discussions among community--  Could be considered as extensions of design work summarized in the T&L Design Lenses. DAG seeking feedback ( on extending this idea to a broad range of design lens facets. If we decide to do these conversations we'll set up call times for small groups of interested individuals.

Josh:  A conduit, among others, between the managed project and the more free-wheeling T& brainstorming.

Maggie L:  Any good way to participate when the conference calls are not feasible?  Lynn W:  Comments on Confluence pages; search for "minispecs".  Comment sections are quite active.
David G:  And look for links on Design Lenses group page.

NOTE to Josh:  T&L page needs UPDATING.

*Distance Learning*

Kate E:  Institutions have been presenting via Adobe Connect on their own online course development program.  See link above for the recordings.  Next presentation by Rob Coyle.

Rob C:  Working on contributing to OpenEdPractices site.  See link above.  Anyone can contribute to online discussions by registering on site.  Intended to extend and sustain the conversation of the bi-weekly call, and include those who can't join the call.  Adapt current course profile on OpenEdPractice site-- used for the TWSIA-- so that even those who don't intend to apply for the TWSIA can contribute.

Josh B:  Focus of presentations on DL meetings so far?
Rob C:  People like most of us, faculty support and development.
Kate E:  And start collegial conversations among ourselves.
Josh B:  Of interest to commercial affiliates, maybe?

Sue R:  Anybody know of an institution giving reasons for choosing Sakai for distance learning in particular?  Specifics would be of great interest to university committees.
Josh B:  Contact at American Public University, used by military, might provide interesting account.
Randy T: Both Jenn Staley and  Phylise Banner at American Public would be interested in sharing about this. I sent them invites for the DL list. I will contact them to see if they might be interested in D&L group discussion.
Maggie L:  Comments on presentations limited to individual session, right?  
Yes.  Can add topic if registered.

General discussion on involvement of faculty; recorded above.

Student Engagement

Josh B:  Idea currently on the table-- a student challenge (for coding or some other activity).

*Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award*

Rob C:  Much work since last call.  Official announcement at Educause.  Final set of categories produced, with precise descriptions.  Identified judges (thanks to Sue).  See link above.  Redefined rubric, which took concentrated effort. 

Maggie L:  TWSIA Rubric-- Primary criterion is student engagement; also embedded in each category.  Removed navigation look-and-feel, since some faculty don't control that, but retained some appearance standards.  Reviewed recent lit for best practices in student engagement.

Rob C:  Improved layout and interface to OpenEdPractices.  Page shows contextual FAQ.  Etc.  Application process opens Nov. 8th.  Application under revision based on comments from Denver and other sources.  Pls join meetings if interested.
Josh B:  Great opportunity for newcomer involvement, even if time limited.
Sue R:  Yes, we can give limited assignments.

Josh B:  Sponsorship-- past sponsors have renewed commitments.  New categories, outreach to Sakai commercial affiliates.  More would be great.

Everybody thanks everybody for fabulous efforts.<--Well said!

Other Old and New Business

Those interested in an iPhone/iPad app for Sakai might take a look at this and wonder if a Sakai version would be the type of thing we're looking for/thinking about (iStudiez Pro):

Instructional Visioning Efforts:

Helpful Pages for New Contributors:
  Using Confluence:
  Taking Notes for Meetings:
Portfolio Visioning

Document Effort (Redux)

>>>>  Should we extend this meeting to an hour and a half?
Teaching and Learning Quarterly Update (for entire Sakai community):
9 December


Pad Chat

October 20, 2010

13:55 Rob Coyle: Hi Kate
14:02 Robin Hill: Helo
14:02 Robin Hill: Hello, must un-mute
14:03 Robin Hill: Must configure Google Voice.
14:04 Robin Hill: Meanwhile, I'm taking notes.
14:04 Lynn Ward: are you trying to record?
14:04 Robin Hill: Please add your name to the Prticipants list, everyone.
14:12 Kate: hi Rob, recordings are now public (I hope).
14:13 Rob Coyle: thanks, Kate.
14:26 Ann Jensen: Robin, I don't think you are muted...I hear typing in sync with your notes (smile)
14:29 Robin Hill: How about now??
14:30 Ann Jensen: all quiet now! thanks!
14:30 Robin Hill: Apparently must mute both mic button and Google Voice button.
14:38 Rob Coyle: Just created a General Questions discussion in the Distance Learning group
14:39 Kate: It looks great Rob. Thanks!
14:40 Kate: Is there some way to "watch" a disscussion--or do you subscribe to RSS?
14:41 Rob Coyle: join the group and then set your notificatoins under My Account
15:00 Robin Hill: Is my typing audible now??
15:00 Ann Jensen: nope--don't hear typing
15:02 Robin Hill: Ok. >> Just mute Google Voice mic icon.
15:05 Tony McKenzie: Thanks guys, hear you next time
15:05 Robin Hill: If only we could have the last half hour in the bar...
15:06 Ann Jensen: yup!
15:06 Rob Coyle: Amen!!
15:07 Rob Coyle: added doc to openedpractices on joining groups and using discussions

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