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Agenda Items

I. T&L Repository Branding/Naming

1. Follow-up (Nate)

  • Must rebrand the library.
  • Link from the home page of our group.
  • People are invited to jump in.
  • Doesn't have to be sexy.
  • Must include stuff outside Sakai.
  • OSP, User Doc, T&L have to be consulted.
  • Marist grad student is hired.

II. Award

1. Name of the Award (Matt)

  • 1) The __ Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award _or 2) The Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award, sponsored by ____
    • until all sponsors are set, let's start with the second idea.
  • Do we need to narrow it down? Yes.
  • Levels: have other sponsors give away lesser prizes.
  • Some sponsors might not like being in the shadow of IBM.
  • Must follow-up on SG.

2. Steps and deadlines (Janet) - NOT DISCUSSED IN DETAIL DURiNG THE CALL


Begin Date

End Date

Who's in Charge?





Next week.



Maggie made the first draft. Almost done now.

Application Process











Get IBM to set up a promotional page.

Judge Selection





Down to 6 judges. Who should be contacted?

Short List












Heads-up to the Winner







July 1, 2008.

July 3, 2008



At the Paris Conference.

3. Rubrics (Janet, Maggie, Matt)

Maggie, Janet, Matt and Salwa (and others likely) have created a DRAFT Rubric for us to review today. (version with revisions)

  • 7 principles: citation + graduate too.
  • Provide a link to the 7 principles.
  • Course look and feel. Accessibility has been taken out.
  • Put accessibility in the Excelent.
  • Learner support. Add "if needed" to on the fly support.
  • Link to a glossary. Start in Confluence. Post it on a web site afterwards (post to OSP Library).
  • Use the conference page?
  • Post to the mailing list.
  • Maggie will be in charge of working on the rubric. Work needed in the visual design.
  • Start with the Innovative column. Find a way to weight it.
  • Innovation is difficult to assess. Innovation is difficult to assess.
  • Add a Not Effective. need Add a Not Effective (need some work). Leave the innovation out of the rubric. Complete the spectrum.
  • Needs Improvement.
  • Scoring would be the filter.

4. Follow-up on the Judges (Josh)

  • Positive feedback from the board.
  • No concern from the board on our short list.
  • Two other suggestions. Josh will try to get in touch with John.
  • Two from Europe from Michael.
  • How many judges?
  • Sample letter (Matt and Josh).

5. Application process (Eddie, Josh, Nate)

  • Conference proposal OR Drupal.
  • CP not Open source. Must be customized.
  • Nate, Eddie and Josh will talk offline.
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