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  • 2-18-2009 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Kate, Janet, Robin, Mathieu, Peter

Agenda Items


1.1 TWSIA Judging (Kate)

  • Kate has created a Google form to support the judging process. See attached file.
  • We will input tentative dates on the planning page.
  • We have to start from the time finalists are notified and work backwards.
  • Winners' notification has to be done at mid May.
  • May 1st: Announce winners
  • Week of April 18th: final judging
  • Week of March 30th: pick the finalists
  • March 18th: Top picks selected
  • March 4th: Orientation during our regular call
  • March 1st: Initial judging process starts (Deadline: 3-16 to review)
  • Janet: Reading applications is time-consuming

  • We need to define who's going to review out of the sign-up list.
  • Invite sponsors to be involved. Josh will make contacts.
  • Need to check for credentials.
  • Kate will be involved with the coordination of the judging.
  • Need to check with Maggie on the availability of their Adobe Connect platform for finalists. Others could host, institution who hosts will become main contact for judges.
  • We need to gather dates and times from final judges in the weeks on April 6th, 13th, 20th. (Kate)
  • Technology test before.
  • Sue is the main contact for judges. Maggie did it last year.
  • We will try to make sure we have the funding to bring in the winners. Might be able to bring 2 or 3.
  • We will try to ask our sponsors if we're strapped for cash, then the Foundation.

2. Nathan Pearson on the UX Initiative and Sakai 3 - Use cases

  • Not this week. Josh is on the case.

3. Sakai Conference Pre-Conference

  • Last year: Split session
    • Dr. Chuck on opening up his course
    • Various faculty showcases, policies, open mic.
  • Need to announce it up front so that people come prepared to share
  • 5 minutes of fame: time to brag
  • 5 minutes of shame: time to point fingers
  • We need to make sure Peter knows in advance to book rooms
  • We need to know about what portfolio folks are doing
  • We could invite UX folks to our session to build bridges
  • Working session with multiple audiences
  • Sharing use case to collect faculty feedback and reroute to developers, UX folks
  • Not easy to ask our faculty members about requirements and not being able to follow through locally.
  • Site stats and reports are boring but needed (Robin, Kate)
  • Peter: will try to get more institutions to own tools in Sakai 3. Incomplete requirements are an issue too.

  • Peter: Sakai 3 demo this Friday at 12:00 noon eastern. Email will follow shortly.