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Agenda Items

Note: Josh will not be able to attend this conference call. He has to spend the day with an interviewee. Maggie will be leaving the conference at 1:25 Eastern time (10:25 Pacific).

I. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008

  1. Overview of the process (Janet)
  2. Submission form and rubrics (Maggie)
    1. Rubric
      • Reflect on hybrid vs fully online
        • Need to separate online vs hybrid next year
        • Focus on pedagogy makes things harder
        • Need to have some verbiage, some examples needed
        • Delete the Innovative column and make people describe the innovation?
        • A threaded discussion alone is not innovation; an activity in the discussion tool might be innovative
        • Provide a prompt on innovation.
        • Excellent course with something innovative.
        • Pedagogically sound with new ideas.
        • Good is the baseline.
        • Janet is going to go through the document now.
      • Accessibility
    2. Self-Assessment form
  3. Online submission process (Eddie)
    • Sakai tool (Josh), Virginia Tech tool (Eddie)?
    • Has to be collected and accessible to judges
    • We'll wait for Josh to share his demo.
  4. Judges (stand-by) - Discussed last week
    • Must wait for the ok from the Sakai Board
  • Announcing the winner: first of May
  • Judging: April
  • By the end of March, publicize and get application
  • By the end on February: have the application form online.
  • Get IBM to coordinate and publicize (Josh's task)
  • Get Margret Wagner to help us with the newsletter (Sakai).

II. Repository

  1. Posting to the OSP repository (Nate)
  2. Other news

II. Other points to be discussed

  1. From previous conference calls
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