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  • 2-11-2009 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Salwa, Mathieu, Robin, Sue, Margaret

Agenda Items

1. TWSIA Deadline Approaching

  • Not concerned. Everyone submits at the deadline.
  • We should get a bit more than last year.
  • Next Sakai newsletter? The next one might be after the deadline. Sue will check.
  • Will post to the Announcements, K12, T&L, Portfolios lists.
  • Sue will contact Etudes, Josh will talk to the Sakai Board.

2. Use Cases for Sakai 3

  • Some faculty members might be thrown back from the freedom of Sakai 3.
  • Lack of structure might be an issue for students too.
  • Using templates is key.
  • Skinning versus templates.
  • Best practices for both.
  • Josh: from the board retreat. What Cambridge and GA Tech will pilot a pre-release of Sakai 3.
  • We should all submit use cases.

3. LMS Committee feedback at the University of Delaware

  • Salwa: Hard to keep people interested.
  • Still meeting twice a year.
  • Josh: held off this year.
  • Will formally do this next semester.
  • Sue: Sakai Implementation Team with rep. from all colleges. Still meet on a monthly basis.
  • Presentations by faculty members on how to migrate from other LMSs.
  • Lots of training. Shared with all participants.
  • Sakai integration with ERP is an issue.

HELP files

  • Sue: got the libraries involved. They do the F2F training.
  • Captivate modules.
  • Robin suggest to discuss this at the next End-User meeting.
  • Opportunity to make the T&L and End-User groups closer.
  • Lots of doc on the End-User Confluence space.
  • Local tweaks are cumbersome.
  • Branding is a challenge to sharing.
  • Margaret will look at some of the material from the Paris conference.

4. EDUCAUSE Proposal Deadline Coming Soon

  • Josh will write a proposal about the TWSIA.
  • Sue: Merlot is also coming up.
  • We should leverage this for other conferences and split the presentation load.

5. Sakai Conference Pre-Conference

  • Huge success last time.
  • We should repeat this time.

6. Next Week

  • We will try to get Nathan Pearson on the call.