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Agenda Items

As discussed last week, this week phone conference will focus exclusively on the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008.  

Last week's minutes will be useful to this discussion.

  1. Criteria for selecting finalists and a winner - Maggie Lynch
    • Criteria and Selection Notes I have made and the questions I think we need to answer for me to proceed with this paperwork.
  2. Who are going to be the Judges?
    • Get people from the industry.
    • We should, as a committee, short-list the applicants to pass to the invited judges.
    • Sakai alreay has a system to rank.
    • Indiana: Kurt? Not necessarily...
    • David Brown from Wake Forest (retired)
    • Julie Salmon in the UK, author
    • Let's brainstorm to get some names for the next conference.
    • Let's ask the Sakai board members.
    • Submission: Educonference (Josh - Sakai) or Survey tool (Eddy - VA Tech)
  3. Debriefing from ELI (Matt) - NOT DISCUSSED
    • I met with Stacy Morrone and John Gosney from IUPUI.
      • Repository: They are building OnCourse Minutes (YouTube style overviews of practices/tools)
      • If we use tags, confluence could become a place to define and negociate them, in order to develop a common vocabulary.
      • Templates: John suggested to have an outside tool that would prompt the professor in order to help them build a syllabus. The professor would then copy and paste the HTML page in Resources. Could become a unique external and internal resource (instead of having multiple instances of the same syllabus in different systems).
      • The Calendar tool could be the first screen. Would need to show the month instead of the week as a default.
      • We all agreed that we would need a WYSIWYG HTML editing tool that could easily link to other tools in Sakai (Resources, Assignments, Learning modules in Melete, Announcements, etc.)
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