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  • 12-3-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Robin, Kate, Sue, Josh, Mathieu, Maggie, Steve Lonn, Charlie, Salwa

Agenda Items

1. Merge of the User Support Group and the T&L Group

  • Josh: Good deal of common topics between the two groups.
  • Lots of email messages on the lists about that.
  • Robin: She will moderate the next User conference call. Will propose a joint call.
  • Steve: We all want to support our users.
  • Monthly conference call with a user/teaching and learning focus.
  • We would need a structure, a goal for these calls.
  • We need to identify our audiences.
  • Marist: Need to see what faculty members are doing with Sakai.
  • General public: what can be done in Sakai.
  • Case studies (exemplary or not)
  • Parts of a course (tools), not necessarily whole course.
  • Index by tools, disciplines, institutions
  • Steve: Need instructions too.
  • We are the first audience, but we could push the info to faculty members and staff.
  • We could model our cases studies on the one that rSmart did, then let people drill down.
  • Goals of the calls:
    • Promote the use of OpenEdPractices
    • Revise our list of priorities
    • Presentation of a case study in each meeting (Robin will present her stuff first)
  • Date: 11:30 ET (8:30 PT), Tuesday Jan. 13 or Weds Jan. 14.


  • Application is now live.
  • We should do a spot check to make sure everything is fine.
  • Will be in tomorrow's Sakai news letter.
  • How many winners? We have enough funding for 2 winners as of now.
  • We need to state what winners will win on the home page of the award.
  • The rubric has to be cleaned up fast. We should hide the content and link to the PDF only for now.
  • Need a link to a reader too.
  • If you apply for someone else, create the profile of the instructor first.
  • We should invite people to be a part of the initial judging.
  • Need a note on the Confluence page.
  • Kate would like to use a Google Doc to gather the scores and comments.
  • The initial judging would be in March. deadline Feb. 2.
  • We need a judge training session (screencast + conference call).
  • Maggie will build a screencast through Adobe Connect.