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  • 12-10-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Mathieu, Josh, Robin, Sue, Peter Knoop, Charlie, Kelli, Salwa

Agenda Items

Sakai 3.0 demo site.

0. U Michigan Sakai Survey

  • Steve Lonn wanted to hear back from any institution who would be interested in doing this survey themself.
  • Peter says it would be nice to discuss the questions, to standardize the results and get a larger data pool.

1. Joint Meeting of End-User and Teaching and Learning Groups

Two dates and times are on the table:




Tuesday Jan. 13

11:30 EST

Preferred time

Wednesday Jan. 14

11:30 EST


2. Mergers in Confluence spaces/Groups

  • Peter: Sent a message to some targeted people to test the waters.
  • Building Sakai, Using Sakai, Deploying Sakai
    • Building: Developers
    • Deploying: System administrators
    • Using: Practices, troubleshooting
    • ... and ad hoc working groups
  • Will be implemented at the end of January. Need to move large chunks of Confluence pages.
  • Goal: Better understanding of the community for newbies, less redundancy.
  • Get only 3 or 4 entry points instead of the flat list we have right now.
  • Get more relevant results on Google.
  • Need to have a clean entry point, gets messy when people dive deeper down.
  • Charlie: Deer in the headlight behavior when explaining the Sakai community to faculty, staff.
  • New has helped a lot.

3. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • TWSIA09 Planning
  • Everything looks fine at this point.
  • Preliminary judge selection process to be addressed shortly.
  • Article has been posted.
  • Need to add the bios of our main judges.
  • Josh is working with Campus Technology to get more press on the Award.
  • Put a count on the number of submissions to date: double-edge sword...

4. Official Sakai Book

  • Michael and Alan Berg are the main contributors.
  • Josh will help write a chapter on the TWSIA winners of last year.