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12-09-09 Conference Call|

Minutes: 12-02-2009.
Attending: Dapne, Ken, Lynn W, Robin H, Salwa, Rita (minutes), David Goodrum (leader)
After much productive discussion about how to move forward for the next meeting, we decided to have some participation where we sort by themes, try to get some consensus, have only items that contain those themes in single sheet

  • Encourage those doing similar work with the Research Capabilities to integrate their content into this document. Some great new content noted, Charles Sturt among others
    Completion date for file - December 16, 2009. In order to come to closure:
  • New column added to providea Reference number, creating a unique ID
    • Since there are multiple sheets, Learning Capabilities row one in original sheet, would be LC001, with assumption that any sheet will have less than a thousand rows
    • Research Capabilities, RC001, etc.
    • Moving forward, encourage individuals to work with a date defined file, making their own copies to work on further refinement
  • Get I and J completed, add comments as needed,
  • Keep first two rows frozen, if you find it unfrozen then refreeze it
  • Be sure to 1) add comments particularly to note strong disagreement, 3) then write a note or alternative
  • Fill in themes and activity flows
  • Come to closure for classifications
  • Combine some very obvious duplications
  • Synthesize- focusing on need to support specific capabilities
  • During meeting new themes added: site and workspace admin; multi-media support; usability-accessibility
  • Everyone go over the entire spreadsheet; middle Robin; bottom Rita; Lynn top; Daphne top; Ken bottom; Salwa top; David middle
  • Following Dec 16th meeting will call for original contributors to make sure that their orig idea isn't lost with this effort

See Learning Capabilities Google Spreadsheet, at

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