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  • 11-5-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Sue, Josh, Mary Miles, Emily, Salwa, Kelli, Anna Galka (Windsor), Lorie Stolarchuk (Windsor), Robin, Mathieu, Kate

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

Sponsorship: (plan here)

  • Josh: rSmart accepted to sponsor at the support-level. w00t!
  • Sue: Sungard, Elluminate: not sure yet.
  • Charlie: Unicon, will join late.
  • We have to think of the budgeting cycle next year.
  • Sponsors will miss the Sakai Foundation press release if they don't come back to us before the VA tech event.
  • Need to add rSmart, openedpractices on the flyer for VA Tech?

Form available on the 11th? Unlikely.

  • Need to put info (rubrics, rules, etc.)
  • Need a target date to start posting. Nov 24th or Dec 1.
  • Josh will attach the rubric to Confluence and send an email to the list.
  • Attach the rubric to the flyer? We need to revise it first...
  • Make the rubric available, announce that the application process will be opened on Dec 1.
  • Make a PDF available of all the questions. Emphasis on innovation.
  • Sue will work on slides for Michael.
  • Mathieu will update the OpenEdPractices site.
  • Mathieu will help Sue update the flyer.
  • Final version must be sent to Mary by noon on Friday.

Local Sakai awards: would be able to present at the Boston conf.

  • Indiana, Windsor, Valencia, and Stanford have some initiatives under consideration.
  • Link the local events to the international one?

Change contact info to Sue on OpenEdPractices.

Josh will confirm the judges for the press release.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

  • Need for a conference space to dump material.
  • 145 attendees are registered.

3. Showing Demo Courses

New references on that page: Showing Demo Courses

  • We will follow-up on this later. Have a look at Robin's link.

4. Follow-up from EDUCAUSE

  • Flyers were all distributed at the reception but 3 (Mary).