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Minutes and Notes from Call

  • Discussion took place regarding the initial work that is going on to build out the "Learning Capabilities" Google Spreadsheet. 
    • There was some discussion regarding the need to keep our focus on "user goals" rather than "tool requirements".  This is hard for folks who are in support roles but there was agreement that keeping to user goals was important.
      • We had some discussion around some of the more tool-based requirements that had been posted such as the need for content to be usable by screen readers.  This lead to a good discussion of the range of user-goals that really lead to such a need.  For example, some users may like to have content "read" to them for reasons other then being visually impaired.
    • There has been a significant amount of contributions to the document at this point (although more is needed).  It is starting to become too much information to easily digest and work with yet the group felt that we needed some more time to really capture core learning capabilities.
    • There was agreement that we should continue to post "raw" ideas for the next few weeks but begin to select a point in time when pause in this work and begin to organize the content into a more manageable form.
    • We also discussed inviting Clay back to a future call to review our work and discuss the next phase of this effort that will involve the new UX consultant working on Sakai 3.
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