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Present: Charmaine from Johns Hopkins, Lynn Ward, Salwa Khan, Kirk Alexander (UC-Davis), Ken Romeo, Josh Baron, Barbara Mack from NYU, David Goodrum, Sue Roig, Rita Pavolka, Robin Hill taking notes.

Welcome to new participants from Josh.  Barbara:  NYU is examining course platform options.

Marist holding a modest local portfolio workshop soon.


Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award as it was officially announced at EDUCAUSE last week:  Sue Roig and Kate Ellis will be co-chairing the Award Committee and are looking for folks to work with them.  Wiley, rSmart, IBM among sponsors.

 Kirk A-- Is rubric going to change.  Josh-- Not anticipated, but Sue and Kate would welcome suggestions.

Learning Capabilities Google Spreadsheet, at
We need to start to think about when we want to take a "pause" in gathering input and begin to look at organizing things.  Logistics also need to be considered.

Discussion of the scope and nature of the entries.  Some are focused on a specific technologies.  What to do?

Lynn-- limited time, looks for gaps to fill.  David-- embraces all ideas, but refinement will be desirable.  Ken-- stated goal of streaming video actually a call for simple mechanism for student movie creation with the capacity for them to download on slow connections.

Portfolio ideas more than welcome, since they can be and should be integrated into course activities in general.  Other work already done (such as the portfolio vignettes) do not have to be replicated here; perhaps links would be appropriate.

Josh-- Other specific comments on spreadsheet?  Should we try to limit suggestions to those possible for Sakai 3, or should we try to capture everything?  Next step Sam Peck will incorporate into Sakai 3 prototypes.  Misconception that bulk of Sakai 3 development already done; kernel K2 may be done, and enhanced projects, and content management with repository, but not course sties.  David-- Pie-in-the-sky thinking still needed.

Sue-- What about things like Melete? Josh-- may be replaced by more general content managment, so teaching goals should be expressed.  David-- the facilities of Melete should be broadened to course scope.

Josh-- Let's take some time to add and revise the entries, soliciting input from colleagues, and then invite Clay Finleason to the call on December 2nd, after Thanksgiving to proceed.  We will hold the call on the 18th to discuss particular entries as necessary.

 Meeting in person?  Yes, or virtually in person, perhaps early January.  With local videoconf sites.

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