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  • 10-8-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Mathieu, Josh, Janet, Emily, Maggie, Steven, Kelly, Robin, (type your name here if it is missing)

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

1.1 Judge selection

Rationale of having sitting judges

  • They don't use Sakai, don't know the LMS
  • Logistics of the process to re-explain
  • Concern as for the number of judges
  • Need for some compensation (pay for the travel)?
  • Participating in the process pumps up their resume
  • One outside judge + two winners this year? Worries about the winners' background. Might have got help from IDs.
  • Must have balance between Instructional Design and Faculty
  • International representation? Final judging and/or initial judging


  • 3 judges, 3 year terms
  • Have the winners do the preliminary judging
  • Sub-committee will continue discussion

1.2 Submission process

  • SubmissionProcess2008.pdf
  • Issues with number of characters. Test the form beforehand. Frustrating to paste in a text that has too many words.
  • People spent a lot of time thinking about their course, which adds time to the submission process (which is a good thing - apart of the mission of the Award)
  • Screenshots only to level the playing field
  • Describe the types of attachments, the number of attachments
  • Jira-like process to paste in screenshots
  • Offer webinars to get questions answered from potential submitters
  • Missing line breaks
  • Waste of bits/time for formatting?
  • Word template to upload? Hard to enforce word count.
  • Screenshots were resized. Use clickable thumbnails instead.
  • Add comments to images.
  • Mathieu will discuss with Nate and come back next week.
  • Have the application use the whole screen.
  • Have the form be more TWSIA oriented (verbiage at the top of the page).

1.3 Follow-up on discussions between Josh and IBM

  • IBM is supportive, will give an answer by Friday.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference

  • Nothing new to report this week - John and Eddie will not be in the call this week.
  • Early Bird registration ends October 13th
  • Presenters should confirm their willingness to present, provide a biography for the program, and request additional A/V equipment via

3. Demonstration Sites, Hosting, OpenEdPractices

Following a lively discussion on the Pedagogy list, we will discuss the possibilities during the conference call.

  • Robin has some courses to share. Uses fake students.
  • Issues with sharing content (copyright).
  • Need some kind of walk through from the instructors.
  • Have 3 or 4 demonstration courses bundled in the install files has value.
  • Could be hosted.
  • Emily from Johns Hopkins: Made a sample course based on three courses for external stakeholders.
  • Wants to build a self-paced course to explain how to build a pedagogically sound course in Sakai.
  • Josh suggests to put this to the agenda after the new year.* Josh suggests to put this to the agenda after the new year.
  • Users list has similar discussions.

4. Follow-up on the Sakai Authoring Summit (Mathieu - If time permits)