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  • 10-22-2008 Submission Process
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Here is the follow-up on the questions we had about the submission process on OpenEdPractices.

Mathieu Plourde (MP) asked the following questions to Nate Angell (NA):

1. Could we indicate the allowed number of characters instead of the number of words for each section?

NA: Yes

MP: Perfect, that's what we'll do. We might even indicate a smaller number of characters than what is actually permitted to make sure it fits in, because this has been a source of frustration last year.

NA: Each large text field help text says exactly the character count allowed and approximate word count. One issue is if people add HTML, the HTML counts as characters which they may not realize are there. If we want to avoid this issue altogether, we could allow unlimited text in each field, but that might mean some entries are long.

  • Our benchmark should be Microsoft Word. Resubmit if too long.

2. Is the missing line breaks issue resolved? Last year's submissions took some lines breaks out.

NA: We can look into question...would we rather have WYSIWYG editors on the textarea fields?

MP: I think the WYSIWYG is nicer and would be appreciated. Plain text is sometimes hard to read.

NA: All the text fields now use WYSIWYG editors, which takes care of the linebreaks issue. I'm taking a look at why the WYSIWYG fields are so narrow. As you can see on a Course Profile from last year with screenshots:

3. Screenshots were resized last year. Could we use clickable thumbnails that would show the original screenshot in a popup instead?

NA: Should be possible

MP: We will do that then.

NA: Screenshots now link to larger versions of themselves (once you click, your browser may still scale them down, but even then you should be able to click again to see fullsize). Note to Pash, this was free new functionality we got when I upgraded all the imagefield and imagecache modules to the latest 5.x versions.

4. Could we add comments to the attached images?

NA: This is actually a difficult it stands, there's not an elegant way to do it...we can search for a module that enables this, but I'm not sure one exists...the other workaround would be to make the screenshots a separate content type, linked to the course profile, but that will make the process more cumbersome for users.

MP: As long as we can give instructions on how a picture links to a comment, we should be fine. We could probably add a "Comments on attachments and images" field at the bottom of the form. People would have to name their figures correctly and type in their comments.

NA: I'm still looking into the best way to handle screenshot captions. It may be possible to display the title tag of each screenshot as a caption...would that work?

5. Could we get a Jira-like process to paste in screenshots?

NA: Not sure what you mean here...pasting directly from the clipboard? haven't seen that in Drupal, so it would take some investigation; if you mean having a separate window to populate a screenshot, something like that would be possible if we made them separate content types (as in 4 above)

MP: Yes, pasting from the clipboard. Jira has a nice process where you paste in your screenshot without saving it as a file beforehand. But this should be a part of a long term wishlist, don't investigate too hard at this point in time.

NA: We agreed this was an "if possible" and I don't see an established way to do it, so we can keep it on the wishlist.

Other questions to tackle

How will we handle new entries once the award entry period is open? I'm assuming the ideal would be if a person marks a profile to be entered in the award, then it should not be published until after the award process is over. Is that right?

  • Not made public until the submission process is over? That's the convention.
  • Submitters versus Searchers.
  • Ask Salim and Aileen?
  • We give the option to submitters not to share their stuff publicly, before and after the deadline.