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Participants: Mathieu, Charlie, Robin, Josh, Maggie

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

  • Press Release: We should have a formal press release from the Sakai Foundation and IBM, like last year.
    • Announce it on the 11th? Same day as Michael's keynote speech.
    • State of the online application form.
  • IBM will promote the Award at their booth at EDUCAUSE (flyer).
  • Changes to the sponsorship plan.
    • Need to change the plan a little to make it public.
    • Need to be put into the newsletter.
    • We need to find the support level sponsors.
    • Mary Miles could send the word out to the commercial affiliates. Good way to give them a heads-up before we contact them.
  • No need to be a commercial affiliate.
  • Each of us could try to reach out to one or two personal contacts.
  • Need to change the sponsorship plan (Josh):
    • IBM as Leader-level
    • Not a draft anymore
    • Co-sponsors? Need to find a way to split the benefits... Last resort?
    • Deadline to answer: November 5th? Would not leave a lot of time before the conference.
    • Shorter deadlines puts more pressure. Need more wiggle room afterward.
    • Talk about the VA Tech event. Leveraging the kickoff press release.
    • We need 4 support-level sponsors.
    • Josh will send an email to the list when the sponsorship plan will be updated.
    • Use the TWSIA09 page to update which contacts you have made.

1.1 Technical Follow-Up on Submission Form

Changes to the submission process

  • 1. Character count: need to test it (Maggie)

Nate will visit Marist after VA Tech to train the students.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference

1 Comment

  1. Please take a look at flyers. Let me know if you are going to Educause, I am not, and I will arrange for you to get copies.