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  • 10-15-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Charlie, Salwa, Maggie, Sue, Kelli, Mathieu, Mary Miles

Josh will not be able to participate, Mathieu will activate the call.

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

1.1 Technical Follow-Up on Submission Form

  1. Could we indicate the allowed number of characters instead of the number of words for each section?
  2. Is the missing line breaks issue resolved? Last year's submissions took some lines breaks out.
  3. Screenshots were resized last year. Could we use clickable thumbnails that would show the original screenshot in a popup instead?
  4. Could we add comments to the attached images?
  5. Could we get a Jira-like process to paste in screenshots?
  • Sue says the judge selection goes on.
  • Mick from IBM confirmed they will be involved.
  • Need something for Educause (10-27). Sue will draft something up. IBM has to get involved.
  • Mary will distribute to the Open-source reception at Educause.
  • Deadline for info for flyer: next call.
  • Send info to Sue.
  • Mary will send Sakai log, Mathieu will send Award log to Sue.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference

  • Eddie and John will not be on the call, but here's a quick update...
  • As you know, 150 is the capacity for the conference. 111 have signed up as of this morning (10/15)
  • Within the next seven days, Eddie will be putting out a call to chair sessions to those that have registered for the conference.

3. Discussion in User group: Showing Demo Courses

Note especially question 1, about how to post such items on OpenedPractices. I will miss this meeting (out of town), but ask the T&L members to consider this question for later discussion. --Robin Hill