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  • 10-1-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh Baron, Mary Miles, Robin Hill, Mathieu Plourde, Keli Amann, Kate Ellis, Eddie Watson, John Moore, and some more...

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • TWSIA09 Planning
  • Sue can't make the call but sent an email with some follow-up info.
    • The two winners of last year's award will present at VA Tech.
    • Sent a list of potential judges.
    • Discussion around the idea of having rotating judges to avoid stagnation.
    • International representation in judging.
  • Think about a way to bring judges to the event as well for future events.
  • People are supportive of a rotating panel of judges, including winners from previous years.
  • Submission process to discuss next week.
  • Walkthrough of last year's process (Mathieu).


  • First refusal on the reception for the leader's level. Would have to pay more money.
  • Companies to reach out to. Need most funding secured by the VA Tech event.
    • IBM - Josh is on the case
    • Commercial affiliates. Mary will send list to Josh.
    • Keli Amann says she has a contact with iParadigm.
    • Ask IBM first, give them a deadline.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference