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Participants: Kelli, Charlie, Salwa, Kate, Mathieu, Robin, Maggie, Janet, Steve

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • Second round of press releases
  • Deadline to submit: Feb 27
  • We should send another reminder soon.
    • Sakai Newsletter
    • Press release
  • Add a "Please forward to your T&L with technology" in the message.
  • Campus Technology (through Nate)?
  • Two different kinds of announcements: official and directed to faculty members (and TL professionals)
  • Janet will look at what we have and write something up.
  • Post a "what is the TWSIA" on the home page (from the sponsorship page).
  • We need to hit faculty multiple times.
  • We need to tell faculty members that they can start to post and come back to it later.
  • One on one contact is the best way to get faculty to post.
  • Winners from last year had solid pedagogy combined with good use of technology.
  • The rubric defines a little bit of what we are looking for in terms of innovation.

TWSIA09 Planning

2. Sakai Book

  • Michael asked for T&L practices.
  • We should send Michael our tips and tricks.

3. Reminder: End User and T&L Joint Meeting