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  • 1-28-2009 Conference Call
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1. Call 1-888-447-7153 (International Dial in number is 00 1 847-619-4470)
2. Enter in the Passcode: 5057885 (then hit the "#" key)
3. Listen to the nice music until the Leader joins.

Participants: Peter Knoop, Mathieu Plourde, Josh Baron, Emily Jones, Charlie, Robin Hill, Janet de Vry, Steve Roehr, Eddie Watson, Kate Ellis, Luke Fernandez, Susan Roig, Salwa Khan.

Agenda Items

1. Peter Knoop: Sakai 3 orientation

  • Need for this group to get more involved in the Sakai 3 initiative.
  • Time is a factor because of local issues.
  • Hard to jump in because of backlogs in discussions on different lists.
  • Peter will discuss where the initiative is now, and how we can participate.
  • Sakai 3 vision statement (and other 3akai links): or Tag with "3akai".
  • Production-ready Sakai 3 by the middle of the year (Cambridge, GA Tech).
  • Embedding is key to content authoring. Link to specific dynamic resources.
  • What do we want to mix and match on a web page.
  • Focus on 4 features: Resources, Blog, Discussions, Assignments (not necessarily the current tools, but capabilities).
  • Janet: We need to embed a single assignment on a page.
  • Robin: She has several use cases.
  • Contribute your example to this page:
    • Link from the main page, create a page for each use case to detail it.
  • Josh: Example: Will there still be an assignment tool?
  • Peter: We need to come up with an hybrid between aggregated views of tools and embeds. If there is a use case, it will be there.
  • Josh: How much freedom should we give faculty members? It tends to get chaotic when there is no structure...
  • Peter: If an institution wants to lock things down, it will be able to do it.
  • Josh: Structure is required. Scaffolds are needed for non-instructional designers.
  • Mathieu: Templates are being discussed in the initiative.
  • Josh: Giving structure is key.
  • Peter: Templates around types of courses, disciplines?
  • Steve: Need to share assignments in K12. Uses project sites to share these at RINet.
  • Database issue: Lots of users, need to scale up.
  • Peter: Sakai designed to support 250,000 students.
  • Salwa: Link to an object, or the actual object?
  • Peter: Both. Depends on the context.
  • Salwa: Embeds of images, media? Yes.
  • Peter has created a resource in the use cases, using the WYSIWYG editor, mixing content and quizzes.
  • Images can be anywhere, could be in resources.
  • Need for use cases, UX is being addressed already.
  • Josh: Fully online use cases at Marist.
  • Robin: Different needs for classroom/distance.
  • Josh: Disciplines are also very different.
  • Need to tag our use cases, explain the rationale.
  • Personas are helpful.
  • Peter: just a list of bullet points for now.
  • Janet: Hard to include visuals on Sakai right now.
  • Don't explain the process, explain the why (why embed own audio, video, image, quiz, chat, etc.).
  • Embed a live data flow (weather map, for instance).
  • Kate: What will the home pages look like?
  • Peter: Not finished yet...
    • My Workspace: dashboard view, synoptic, social networking.
    • Site Home page: can support the legacy view. In progress.
  • Joint call with End-User group next week.
  • Luke: 3 templates at Weber:
    • Plain
    • Chronological order
    • Senior Instructor with adjuncts (site created by main instructor)
  • Steve: LAMS is great to call out a student's answer to support instruction.
  • Josh: workaround? (missed the conversation)
  • Can we talk about other tools than the 4 ones described? No, but these are the ones worked on now by GA Tech and Cambridge.
  • Sue: Melete is a solution, issue at liking to an assignment, a discussion.
  • Peter: We should document why we use Melete, not how to fix it. What are we trying to achieve?
  • Sue: Most users want an easy way to put their files online.
  • Use cases for teaching and learning, and whatever other uses you might have.

2. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • We need more entries.
  • Everything is going according to plan.

3. Next Call: Joint With End-User group