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  • 1-25-2008 Conference Call
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Agenda Items/Minutes

  1. Should we consider alternative times for call to allow folks from other time zones to engage?
    • Request from people outside the US.
    • Suggested times?
      • 1:00PM is good for US.
      • 8:00 or 9:00PM Eastern time would work for Europe. Would need to know is interested and in which time zone they are.
    • Next week: push it back 30 minutes - 1:30PM.
  2. Exemplary Teaching with Sakai Award(Janet, Ed)
    1. Name
      • Must be called "Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award" because of IBM's request. Attendees agree.
    2. Next steps: Coordination with Paris Conference Committee and Michael Korcuska
      • Should we establish a second call for this effort?
      • Award Committee should meet independently.
        • Alternative: Have an extended one time meeting (suggested by Maggie). Attendees agree.
        • Josh suggest dedicating next week's meeting to this topic.
        • Janet suggest dispatching some tasks to sub-sub committees.
          • Maggie will work on criteria
          • Robin will work on documentation of faculty practices (proposal sharing)
          • Judges: TBD - Should open to the Sakai community to nominate judges (Josh)
          • Coordination with Paris: TBD
          • John from Berkeley: will get involved with the sharing process. Application form. Eddy is appointed by Josh LOL.
          • Nate: integrate in Drupal to start working on the repository.
        • Should we copy courses on a central server, hosted by the Sakai Foundation
        • If we do copy courses, we would have to change student names. Some institutions would have issues copying courses outside their institution (Josh)
        • Peter: it is going to be hard to share dynamic content. Easier for static content. Could start with screenshots and narrative.
        • Janet: Judges must have access to the actual courses. Have Guest accesses.
        • Have telephone conferences with participants for a demo (finalists).
        • Must keep process minimal for faculty members.
  3. Faculty Practices Repository
    1. Update on database hosting
        1. Piggy-backing the OSP Drupa instance? rSmart could host it quite easily (Nate)
        1. Graduate students from Marist
            1. Seems to want a larger T&L repository. OSP might move to that repository at some point.
          • Must administer another domain name. Drupal has a multiple domain management capability.
          • Grant funded Marist students could most probably manage it (Josh)
            • Next hiring process: Summer
            • Other intitutions interested?
        1. If Yes: Must define job descriptions for graduate students
        2. If No: What's next?
      1. See Bullet 5 if necessary...
      2. For future consideration: Mellon or other grant opportunities
        • Wendy got a grant to establish a Faculty repository
      3. Misc.
        • Must identify Sakai tools for each practice.
        • Award will serve as a model for the repository
  1. Face to Face Meetings Outside Sakai Conferences
    1. JA-SIG Conference, St. Paul MN - April 27-30
      1. Who is attending?
    2. ELI Annual Meeting, San Antonio TX - January 28-30 (Matt)
      • Matt from Delaware, Karen from Berkeley. Stacey from Indiana.
      • Try to have lunch together.
      • How many faculty members? Give an update.
    3. NERCOMP, March 10-12 in Providence, Rhode Island. Update from discussions with Trent and others (Josh)
    4. Other T&L focused conferences?
  2. Database: (NOT DISCUSSED)
    1. Who is the audience?
    2. Who are the contributors? 
    3. What would be the structure?
    4. Defining our required metadata.
    5. Defining the user's search strategy.
    1. Who would be in charge? (What would it become over time: Backup, recovery strategies?)
    2. Physical location of examples: Centralized or scatered? Would a database include all examples (including their media files) or just links to them?
    3. Would we copy entire courses in an instance of Sakai somewhere?
    4. Web portal: Drupal, other tools?
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  1. We probably won't make it to point 4, but I though it might be useful to keep those points there anyway, just in case. (Matt)