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  • 1-18-2008 Conference Call
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Agenda Items / Meeting Notes

  1. Faculty Practices Repository
    1. Update on OSP/rSmart Discussions from past week (Josh)
      • Merging the OSP with the T&L group (Nate Angell - rSmart)?
      • Piggy-backing the OSP Drupal instance?
      • Administration: Graduate students from Marist
      • Must define job descriptions for graduate students
      • Must build a template and forms, we can piggy-back on the OSP library
      • Define interfaces and workflows in our web space
      • Use the JA-SIG conference to have a F2F meeting
      • Find a T&L focused conference to have a second meeting each year
      • OSP community is fairly technical, but is moving toward a stronger T&L focus
      • Have representatives from our group on the OSP group
    2. Database:
      1. Who is the audience?
        • This is a recurring topic. Very important in our design.
        • Not discussed
      2. (Who are the contributors? 
      3. What would be the structure?
      4. Defining our required metadata.
      5. Defining the user's search strategy.)
    3. Web Hosting:
      1. Who would be in charge? (What would it become over time: Backup, recovery strategies?)
      2. Physical location of examples: Centralized or scatered? Would a database include all examples (including their media files) or just links to them?
      3. Would we copy entire courses in an instance of Sakai somewhere?
      4. Web portal: Drupal, other tools?
  2. Continuing Discussion on the Faculty Award (please see comment below)
    1. Update on discussions with Michael Korcuska and Paris conference planning
      • Michael is very interested in this initiative
      • Must define how the Award will be included in the conference process
      • Janet will be a part of the leaders of this Award
      • $2 000: Monetary, Travel to Paris? Faculty have a hard time getting money to go to T&L events
      • How many winners? One.
      • Josh is trying to get some more money
      • Use videoconferencing if the winner is unable to attend. Probably not.
      • Is giving out the award in Paris the best thing? YES
      • WebCT awards: Rubric judging. Multiple categories. Have runner-ups. Giving out plaques.
      • Poster session to talk about their projects
      • That money should be used to bring Faculty members to the Sakai conference
      • Stimulate the sharing of best practices
      • Give a small amount in money ($100), give the balance to travel to the conference
      • Give a computer instead of money
      • Per diem model
      • Janet (, Maggie, Eddy, etc. should start working together outside this conference call and report. Anybody interested should contact Janet.
      • Trent: volunteer to contact Norcon
    2. Who could participate? 
      • Has to be an international opportunity
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  1. This may be a lot of discussion to take on at once. I'd like to start by describing the goals / purpose of the Award and the instructor's presence at the conference. I'm particularly interested in how the instructor and designers / developers would interact at the conference. Josh- If you could describe what you have in mind for the program, and what IBMs expectations are that would be a great place to start. Many thanks. Kate