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  • 05-06-10 Virtual Working Session
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Draft Agenda

Status of Lens and Facet Definitions

  1. Assessment/Evaluation
    1. Are the terms "assessment/evaluation" appropriate?
    2. Lens: needs to be refined/some discussion, needs to be broadened (Lynn).  Cite more formally if taken from Wikipedia.
    3. Facets: Discuss if we need to add new facets, refine current definitions, clean up current list
    4. Review and consider John Norman's manifesto on grading (
    5. Which place in the list should this be in?
  2. Online Learning Space Design
    1. Mostly done, light review and consensus discussion
  3. Social Interaction
    1. Lens: Need to synthesize the definitions that are there now (three paragraph), finalize and consensus
    2. Facets: Seem fairly good, light review and consensus
  4. Content Creation and Use (START?)
    1. Lens: Fairly good definition at this point, needs light review and consensus
    2. Facets: Just a raw list right now, need to refine list and develop definitions
  5. User Autonomy
    1. Lens: Light review and consensus needed.
    2. Facet: Need to consider "dashboard and offline" and if they should be facets or moved elsewhere, need to agree on list and refine definition
  6. Learning Activities
    1. Lens: Good content but is long and need to be refined significantly.  Consensus agreement needed.
    2. Facets: Refine facet definitions (more concise), cite wikipedia if we keep the reference.
  7. Openness
    1. Lens: Need to review and refine definition (what is there has not been reviewed yet)
    2. Facets: Need to review/add and create definitions.

To Do:

  1. Agree on format for facets
    1. Do we want to have an introductory paragraph or is this redundant with the lens definition?
    2. Length of definitions? - concise is best???
  2. Do we want to keep the "Design Concept" column
  3. Reorder based on prioritization
  4. Create a new document that only has the Learning Lenses
    1. Clean up different lens versions
    2. Lock it from public editing
  5. Uniform formatting
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