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Conference call 03-24-2010

2:30pm EST / 11:30am PST


Dial-in: +1 812 856 7060
Conference Code: 350#
PIN: 72524#

Participants: Kate, John, Rob

Questions or concerns?

Everything OK for now. Send questions to group through email.

Date and time for review?

Will take place via conference call (with optional screen sharing).

Wednesday, April 7th, 2:30 - 4:30 Please reserve 2 hours for this meeting.

About international reviewers:

message sent:

Dear Cherry, Alfred, and Andrea,

I am writing to confirm if you are still willing to participate as a preliminary judge for the TWSIA. Tonight is the deadline to apply or update an entry, and tomorrow you should be to print the entries and begin your review.

After everyone votes on the entries, we are planning on having a phone conference to determine the 10 or so finalists to send on to the judges for final selections. We do not have access to an international toll-free line, so the best plan I can come up with is that you either send your comments in advance of the conference call, or that you participate via chat (in Adobe Connect). Do you have a preference?

Many thanks,

Kate Ellis

messages received:

I might send my comments........finding a time for chat can be tricky    Andrea Crampton Ph.D.

Yes, I am available to review and vote on the entries. Cherry

 I prefer sending my comments in advance of the conference call. Alfred


From: "Ellis, Kate" <>
Date: March 4, 2010 2:32:43 PM EST
To: Mary Miles <>, Teggin Summers <>, Amber Evans <>, Susan Roig <>, Josh Baron <>, Janet de Vry <janet@UDel.Edu>, Aileen Huang-Saad <>, Salwa Khan <>, Rob Coyle <>, Alfred Henrico <>, John Moore <>, Fred Hofstetter <fth@UDel.Edu>, Pieter Hartsook <>
Cc: "Ellis, Kate" <>
Subject: TWSIA update


For the benefit of our new reviewers, here's the timeline for the preliminary review:
(also posted on Confluence:

Entries will no longer be accepted after Monday, March 15th.
You can begin to review the entries now.
Rubric for evaluation is here:
Entries are viewable here: After logging in and returning to the TWSIA home page, you should see a link on the left for "entry administration."

Wednesday, March 10th is our next meeting.
We'll answer questions about the judging criteria (rubric) and about the google doc where you can record your votes and comments.
If you want to participate in the live meeting, you will need access to broadband (for screensharing) and a telephone line for voice. Sorry--I can't find an international toll-free line we can use. Does anybody have access to one?
To participate in screen-sharing you will need access to web conference space:; Test your desktop and laptop connection speed and configuration PRIOR TO MEETING here:

The Google Doc spreadsheet will be available Wednesday, March 17th (I hope--I have to enter all of the title of the entries) I will send you an email with a link to the spreadsheet and you can begin to record your scores and comments. If you want me to send the link to a gmail account, please send me that email address.

Google Docs Help
Concept overview video:
Getting started guide:

THE VOTING WILL END FRIDAY, APRIL 2nd at the end of the day. I need time to tally the results before the next meeting.

Wednesday, April 7th is the meeting to select the finalists. In order to include everyone in the conversation, we will probably need to use the audio in Connect. This means you will need a headset and some knowledge of how to participate in a web conference, or tech support nearby. We can have a practice session at our March 24th meeting.

Wednesday, May 5th we will meet to review the judges decisions and prepare for the conference.