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Conference call 02-24-2010

2:30pm EST / 11:30am PST



Conference call 02-24-10
Dial-in: +1 812 856 7060
Conference Code: 350#
PIN: 72524#

Participants?:  Kate, Salwa, Sue, Rob, Mary, Janet

Cherry, Fred,   Pieter


Welcome and Introductions

Teaching and Learning Pre-conference Workshop (Robin)

Pre-conference session on June 14 consisting of 15 minute segments per presenter; tips and tricks of teaching & learning with Sakai. Presenters can bring a handout or some other "takeaway" for attendees.  Robin, Rob and Mathieu are coordinating.  Submit your ideas to them.

Rob proposes presenters and award winners create video interviews that people could watch at any time.

Orientation to opened practices site and preliminary judging

Schedule for TWSIA: Planning

We will be using a Google Doc spreadsheet for the voting. You will receive a link to that doc in about two weeks.

For an overview of the voting process, you will need access to web conference space for next meeting:

  • Test your desktop and laptop connection speed and configuration PRIOR TO MEETING here:
  • We will be using the conference call (land line) for audio, and the Adobe Connect web conferencing for screen sharing.
  • We may also use screen sharing for the conference call to select winners, if it is helpful.

Entries are viewable here: After logging in and returning to the TWSIA home page, you should see a link on the left for "entry administration."


Conference Proposals - deadline is Feb. 28th

Anyone submitting a proposal?  Kate, Sue, Rob are submitting proposals. Others?
Will runner up winners present?  Or maybe the top ranking people who don't win a top slot.  They can talk about their courses and innovations. Could be a financial issue with paying for runner ups to attend the conference. 

Sue; are we proposing two hours for two runner up people; a two hour presentation at the conference?  Submit proposal to be a placeholder.

Kate; The two winners get 30 mins each.
Sue: Put out a call to ask if someone wants to present; doesn't even have to be an entrant.  How is this different from Robin's session?  Some won't attend pre-conference and this session is about innovation.
Andrea Sheffer from last year is attending the conference. She could intro the session.

Kate; get the word out to your faculty about TWSIA.  Janet; offer to help faculty enter which could make a big difference.

TWSIA proposal (placeholder) will be submitted (Kate)

Pieter will write the text for the conference program and web site about the TWSIA winners

Conference Updates (Mary and or Pieter)

Pieter; 30-35 proposals so far.  Most come in later.
Mary; 15 registrations so far but is early yet.

John: ask faculty to create short videos about their projects (remember to keep student info private).  Should see faculty member and screen shots of coursework.  Fred will create a prototype video.  Sakai has a Vimeo account.  Could post it there. Fred comments that using a Sakai tool in an innovative way is key to winning the award.  He used other tools as part of his course.

OpenEdPractices - TWSIA entries

You can start reading through entries for this year's competition on opened practices. Kate describes the process of using a Google spreadsheet to rank entries--she will provide a demo of using the spreadsheet soon.  If a lot of entries, may want to divide it up. Janet says start early and go back and review again if needed.  Scan through and pick out the most promising that fit the rubric.

Get the word out

record your contacts here: marketing projects

Anything else?