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Attendees:  Josh, Janice, Robin, Lynn, David, Ken, Mathieu, Rita, Sue Roig, Clay

Themes Spreadsheet

Participants report on progress with the classifications. 

Let's preserve citations, if we use external materials. 

David:  Difficulties with classifying learning activities include (1)... (2) not only answering questions, but assessing confidence in own answers, (3) reading other answers, but writing own first. 

Ken:  Content creation often includes assessment.

Rita:  Working on Social Interaction theme. 

Themes are inter-related in structured ways, including workflow sequencing. 

Clay:  User journeys might be useful. 

We must plow ahead.  Classification will help describe teaching needs in full, cross-cutting context.

Clay:  Will be taken into account by Product Council. 

Josh:  So next step should be user journeys.

Lynn:  Gap analysis?   Need fuller treatment of Openness theme.

Are these themes on the same footing?  No.  Different perspectives.

Josh (summary):

Rita:  User journeys will help with gap analysis. 

Clay:  And intersections and support. 

Conference Plan

Robin:  Pre-conference session, "T & L Show and Tell," with short talks accompanied by takeaways.  Organized with Confluence sign-up sheet.  Okay.

Other-- Josh's suggestions for discussing themes, reporting on Instructional Visioning, etc.

Rita:  Two separate sessions, process and results.

Clay and Josh:  Turn themes into designs.  Incorporate developers-- different session.

Perhaps pre-conf project coordination, too?

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