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  • 01-27-2010 notes
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Conference call 01-27-2010

2:30pm EST / 11:30am PST

Dial-in: +1 812 856 7060
    ?    Conference Code: 350#
    ?    PIN: 72524#
    ?    Enter as guest with your real name

Participants: Kate Ellis, John Moore, Rob Coyle, Salwa Khan, Josh Baron, Sue Roig, Pieter Hartsook

Note taker: Janet


1) Update on judges and judging process (Sue and Janet)

Sue has contacted all judges for feedback. She is still waiting to hear from Angela She will pass info onto Kate for updating the Opened Practices page. Sue will invite all of last year's winner to be on the initial review committee (and cc Kate).

2) Update on sponsors?

3) Need to update T&L homepage in confluence 

   Add text box about award ; call out to whatever makes sense. John Moore

4) Text for award winner presentation in program

 Need to revise text about the presentation for conference proposal. This will probably be the text that appears in the conference schedule.  Salwa Khan

5) Deadline  is 6 weeks away

  • sponsor (Nick at IBM) would like to see more entries - 18 is not enough.
  • 6 weeks away; only 2 entries
  • UD will hold an event promoting best practices at UD in Sakai end of Feb.
  • List of Teaching and Learning Centers. John has compiled a list of all non-northern hemisphere. John to send revised e-mail announcement which includes an introduction and the deadline to those centers.  Sue compiling list of North American centers. Sue and John will list all info including contacts on confluence so that we do not have to reinvent the wheel next year.
  • Peter Harsook will elevate the award on the Sakai pages and communicate with commercial affiliates and appropriate journals. Group to make a list of possible journals on confluence. Next week, Feb. 1, Peter will do an e-mail blast to commercial affiliates asking them to promote award with clients.  Message: raise awareness, time is of the essence as there are only 6 weeks left to get proposal in, go to Opened Practices for more information.
  • Pieter will prepare a confluence page for tracking marketing of Award. He will also create a ppt slide that folks can use when doing a presentation. 
  • By the end of the week, Josh will ask R-Smart, to do an e-mail blast to give us more visibility.

6) OpenEdPractices site

  • Who still needs access?
  • Monitor for problems and concerns (Salwa)
  • Continually revise the FAQ site as questions come in.  We can all contribute. Send to committee and we will send to Matt for posting to OpenEdPractices site.
  • Do we want to improve the TWSIA landing page? Add benefits of participation? Yes.
  • Need to have something current about 2010 Call for Entries on OpenEdPractices homepage. Use "*2010 Sakai Conference" when referring to Sakai Conference instead of the 11th Sakai.....

7) Follow-up on promotion

Check off that this has happened: Each to send a reminder message with subject line " Reminder: deadline March 15 for Sakai Teaching with Innovation Award."

Sakai Project site
Sakai Newsletter
Homepage of local instances
Sakai lists - Kate

Sue: Lily West, +++
Josh: Sloan, Campus Tech
Janet: Educause advisory group ACTL , Lily East, Sakai newsleter (most done; need to follow up with Lily East)
Teaching centers at Sakai schools (Sue + John will create a list)

8) anything else?