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Draft Agenda

  1. Refresh on current Learning Capabilities documentation and updates
  2. Planning for Virtual Meeting
    1. Objectives:
      1. Categorization of Learning Capabilities
      2. Identification and closing of "gaps" in current capabilities
      3. Development of a "self sustaining" or "living" document that can continue to grow on its own
    2. Action Items/issues
      1. Technology needs
      2. Defining categories and "activity workflows"
      3. Forming of working teams (may want to include some "experienced" folks on each time
      4. Ramping up of those new to the process
      5. Planning agendas and work plans for each day
      6. Dealing with time zone differences
      7. Models/strategy for engaging with Clay (product manager) and Sam (designer)
    3. Logistics
      1. Finalize dates/times
      2. Finalize participants (maybe recruiting more people...particularly outside the US)


  • Most of the discussion focused on planning for the Virtual Working Session
  • There is an interest in working to define the Themes and Activity Workflows referenced in the Learning Capabilities Google spreadsheet
    • Defining these will help ensure we are all on the same page going into the working session and also help those new to the effort
    • We also discussed the importance of identifying "core or fundamental" themes that cut across workflows and specific capabilities vs. those that are "higher up" on the capabilities "stack".  For example, the ability to engage in a threaded discussion might be a "core" theme (e.g. Discussion) as it would be a capability that we would want to use in many ways and within many workflows.
    • There was also interest, led by Rita, to connect Themes to research-based teaching and learning methodologies and theories.  The 7 Good Principles of Undergraduate Education were references and Rita and others will begin to work on these ahead of the meeting.
      • We will be created a Confluence page to begin to document this work
  • Feb. 4/5 appear to be dates that work for everyone who had registered to participate at this point so we have decided to finalize to these two days
  • We would like to engage with Clay again prior to the meeting and also see if he (as well as Sam) could like to participate in the meeting in some way or possibly have an informal chat with the group during a potential virtual "lunch break".
  • We would like to get more international school involved and folks will be reaching out to colleagues at these locations to try an engage with them.
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