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Quick Start

For newbies here is a quick tutorial on how to integrate OpenSyllabus tool into Sakai and try it.

In progress...

  • Installation Guide
  • User Guide

OpenSyllabus (more shortly called OSYL) is a Rich Web Editor used to create, read or edit syllabus or course outline.

OpenSyllabus is made of multiple views which interact with each other and are refreshed accordingly

So, here the « Tree View » that allows browsing among different parts of the course outline

And the editor toolbar with all the buttons needed to create, import, add, save, publish the Syllabus

And here the WorkSpace View where all the text processing work is done

Finally the « Configuration View » where non textual parameters are set or put into a specific state

With OSYL you can edit & modify the content

You can also add ressources

OSYL can also take advantage of different Sakai tools. We already done integration with Assignment tool and we are working on Citations List.

For a more complete demo we invite you to try the Multimedia demonstration

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