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Portfolio owners and coordinators will eventually navigate between multiple portfolios (presentations), comments and portfolio sites (CIGS). The synoptic tool can create an overview of these elements and allow the user to navigate to them.

The Synoptic Tool should be implemented in the personal workspace of a user as it shows the elements the user has access to independent of the toolinstance or site they are located in. Adding the tool to the personal workspace is accomplished by adding it to the 'my workspace template site' which is named '!user'. You can also use this tools to enhance the accesibility of portfolio presentations to guest users. A guest user account is created when an external user is invited to comment or view a portfolio presentation. By making the synoptic tool available to guest users in such a way that it lists portfolio presentations the guest user can quickly find the presentation it is invited to. Alternatively the guest user would have to join ths site from which the invitation was sent. This means that site would need to be joinanble and in the case of mulitple portfolio sites canbe confusing.

This tool can only be added using the sites tool that is available to the admin user.

Tool configuration



The listGenId parameter specifies what type of list is displayed. Accepted values are:

  • 'portfolios'
  • 'comments'
  • 'worksites' (default)
  • 'portfolioWorksites' (new in 2.3)
  • 'matrices' (under development for 2.4)
  • 'wizards' (under development for 2.4)
  • 'matrixAndWizard' (under development for 2.4)
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