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  • Staffing and Skills Needed for Template-Based Portfolio Projects
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It is probably unlikely that one person will be able to completely execute all aspects of a template-based portfolio implementation. Any one portfolio project will likely need to draw from the skills and experience of a team of people to be successful because of the wide variety of skills and considerable time needed to do the work. The following list is a suggested to help you form your team. You may combine these roles based upon the skill set and experience of your own team.

A web designer

Since the end product is likely to be a web site that showcases student work, you will want a web designer to work on some prototypes and show them to some faculty and students.

An instructional designer

There are many ways to use the OSP tools to guide students through the process of gathering or writing portfolio content. Choosing the right tools and presenting the students with a sense of context about what they are doing is important. The tools are highly configurable and have many placeholders for entering guidance that the student will see along the way. An instructional designer will understand how a given template (or set of templates) will fit into the curriculum or meet program objectives.

A project manager

While some flexibility can be designed into the final project, the idea of a template is that some decisions have to be made about what will and what will not be displayed in the portfolio. Building this consensus among your focus or pilot group and setting project expectations is easier to do during the design stage of the project. Managing the communications and ensuring everyone understands how a given template (or set of templates) will fit into the curriculum or meet program objectives is important to the success of the project.

An XML developer

The raw data for a portfolio is assembled into a single, large XML file each time that a portfolio is viewed. An XML developer will need to use XSL in order to transform that raw data into the XHTML that the web developer came up with. In some cases, they may need to work with the instructional designer to create new data structures (forms, wizards and matrices) in order to prompt students for and capture the data needed.

A Trainer

While many tools are intuitive to use because they follow traditional classrooms norms, this may be many faculty, student and support staff's experience with using portfolio software. Since each implementation may be different, a trainer may be needed to teach evryone how the system works.

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