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User-Centric Portfolio Workflow using My Workspace

1. Provide a user-centric portfolio experience by aggregating portfolio work within My Workspace (using the OSP portal) so that My Workspace becomes a hub for all portfolio sites. Users access work from all their portfolio sites via My Workspace or choose to access the sites directly. Portfolio admin creates global data structures for all participants in the instance to use in My Workspace. If a tool appears in My Workspace, it shows the items across sites in which the user is a member. If a tool appears in a site, it shows only the items for that site. Users receive notification of due dates for portfolio work from Portfolio Admin and portfolio sites. Evaluators receive submissions of matrix cells and wizard pages from all sites in which they are evaluators. From My Workspace, users can view any portfolio that has been shared with them, share portfolios with any username in the instance, and access a directory look-up to locate usernames according to first name, last name, and/or email address.

2. Hide, integrate, or eliminate tools that users cannot use. Unless a user can do something distinct with a tool, its functionality should not be visible. Whatever portfolio work users are doing should be as seamless as possible; users should not have to navigate between tools in order to complete a portfolio process.


3. Reconcile the OSP portal with the new skinable Charon portal so that there are no longer two different portals for Sakai, one with the OSP tools and one without.

4. Improve the user experience by further integrating goal management functionality into assignments, matrices, and wizards to streamline the option of linking to and rating goals. See detailed requirements and functionality roadmap in the attachments to this page.

5. Add the ability to associate complete assessment rubrics with descriptors of performance for each criterion at each level of the chosen rating scale with assignments, matrix cells, wizard pages, and portfolio templates. Allow evaluators to rate by clicking the descriptor for the appropriate level of each criterion.

6. Add email notification similiar to recent changes in assignment notification such that students can be notified when a new matrix or wizard is published and ready for use AND instructors/site organizers and evaluators can be optionally notified when students post items to a matrix cell or wizard page.

Fixes to Existing Tools

7. Permissions:

  • Clean up permissions for OSP tools by making them consistent across tools and allowing default permissions to be set for site types via Realms.

8. Forms:

  • Add the ability to create different views of forms by including a picker for custom-rendering .xsl as well as .xsd for each form to be created.

9. Portfolios:

  • Add the ability to evaluate portfolios using the Evaluations tool.
  • Modify the dropdown boxes for selection of portfolio content to list items in alphabetical order instead of upload time order.

10. Reports:

  • Paginate reports at the data level (rather than code level) to allow users to click through the data one page at a time.
  • Add the capacity for additional user-determined filtering to the report view page, plan for it to integrate well with report pagination, and add linking between reports.
  • Create generic report templates to report on user status in working with wizards, matrices, forms, and portfolios.