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High level requirements

  • Time Driven
  • Goal Driven
  • Iterative
  • Intuitive central location
  • Guided
  • Supports Cross Site integration
  • Supports Artifact Persistence over Time - spans terms, years, etc
  • Includes Time and Activity Based Notification




Create Assessments that speak to course goals/learning outcomes


Create a Portfolio/Presentation

  1. Give Title
  2. Select Template (free form or layout)
  3. Select Content
  4. Preview
  5. Choose Audience
  6. Share

Keep Track of What I Need to Do/Know (RSS feed wizard)

  • Deadlines (Assignment, Matrix, Wizards)
  • Tasks (Forum, Matrix, Wizard)
  • Feedback and Evaluations
  • Portfolios/Presentations (that have been shared with Me)

New Use Cases

Past Work

Use Cases - Old Use Cases

Dashboard design proposal from Ann Arbor Planning meeting (May 2007): UMichigan - OSP Dashboard
OSP2x Prototypes (2005 mock-ups)

Educational Roadmap