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  • Using Existing Sakai 3 Personas to Describe Portfolio Needs
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Existing personas - describe what their needs are around portfolios


  1. General ed instructor Patrice who teaching freshman writing (was Denise)
  2. Girish or Jeff (originally Landon)
  3. Emi, Terry or Bob (was Chikako, Terry or Bob)
  4. Jan, Nursing instructor
  5. Anderson, if Associate Dean is equivalent to a Dean or department chair.

Existing Students

  1. First year Fatik, who is in Patrice's class (was Mike)
  2. Fourth year Courtney (was Gita)
  3. possibly Education grad student Lucas (was Evan), or might just need student in professional school (below)

New personas needed: need to be created (possibly researched, unless you know these types well)

  1. Assessment Coordinator
  2. Student in professional school (business or nursing)
  3. Adviser?
  4. # Career Counselor?

9-17-10 New Portfolio Persona Thoughts by Robin Hill

 Some of the extant personae have obvious interests in portfolios, as follows.

Jan (nursing practicum instructor) wants to help her students assemble their course work, practicum and internship records, and other materials, into an academic portfolio that will serve as not only a demonstration of accomplishment, but also as both an employment aid for the student and an accreditation aid for the School of Nursing under the CCNE (question) standards.

Girish (tenure-track faculty, Engineering) wants his students to collect the history and artifacts they created for their senior Engineering Design project, for submission group-wise for the final grade.

Courtney (industrial engineering student) wants to present her accomplishments comprehensively and attractively, tailored to individual companies and other potential employers.

Patrice (writing lecturer) wants her students to treat major papers as incremental assignments, in which earlier drafts remain bundled together with the final draft, along with with peer reviews and the writer's notes, to show improvement and development. She wants assessment to be guided by a rubric shared with the students.

Anderson (Assoc. Dean) wants his faculty to submit parts of their tenure and promotion packets in common structured form, for easier aggregation of departmental statistics on papers published (refereed and non-refereed), professional organization memberships, and a whole lot of other data.

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