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OSP System Test Scripts

Note: In addition to the scrips below, there is a second set of scripts that include instructions for testing new functionality in 2.7 which can be found here:  Scripts for Testing IU Enhancements.  Eventually the IU scripts will be folded into this master set of scripts.

Note:  These scripts were originally written for testing OSP 2.4 and are in the process of being updated and/or validated for use with 2.7. To see a page that lists all the scripts that are ready for testing, see  OSP Test Scripts. If you are familiar with Confluence and OSP, please consider updating the script texts as you test the software.  Before editing the scripts, please familiarize yourself with the Script Conventions. After you've updated/validated the script for 2.7, add a new row to the Script Information table indicating the revision/validation date as shown in the example below:


Open a browser and navigate to the appropriate URL.


List roles


Start computer with Internet connection

Time required

> 1

Last Updated 

for 2.7 by Erica Ackerman 12/21/09

Full and partial snapshots of the OSP Confluence space (including the 2.4 scripts prior to revision are available for download and review).



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Introduction to the Testing Activities and Scripts

OSP system testing is organized into Activities and Scripts. Each of the items below represents a user-centered Activity which is followed by the Script(s) listing the steps required to complete the activity. If you are testing using one of the servers in the public  Sakai Test Instances then please make sure you sign up.

You may also want to familiarize yourself with the Script Conventions, and possibly get ahead by downloading Testing Resources.

Activity One: Test Preparation

This is the base activity for all system tests.
  • ST.Script.01.Access OSPOpen a browser and navigate to the appropriate URL.
  • ST.Script.02.Verify access to JiraIt is important that all issues found during testing are logged in Sakai Jira This script ensures that the person testing is able to log in and create Jira issues, and knows where to document the test.

Activity Two: User and Site Preparation

In this activity, the System Administrator logs in and creates users, sites, and adds other preparatory data for subsequent tests. Once the test users have been created, they will be able to log in to the application.
  • ST.Script.01.Add Test UsersThe system administrator creates the user accounts that will be required for the rest of the testing scripts.
  • ST.Script.02.Add SitesThe system administrator creates the sites that will be required for the majority of the system tests.
  • ST.Script.03.Add MaintainersThe Administrator adds appropriate test users as maintainers in appropriate sites.

Activity Three: Set up Sites


The Portfolio Administrator, a Site Coordinator or two, and others set up their respective sites and get them prepared for use. This activity should include setting up all the sites necessary for testing.
  • ST.Script.01.Set-up Portfolio Admin SiteThe Portfolio Admin Site is used to manage global Forms, Glossaries, Layouts, Styles, Templates, etc. In this script, the portfolio program administrator logs in and configures the site. This involves setting up a global Glossary, Forms, Portfolio Templates, Layouts, Styles, and Reports. When completed, these global resources will be used in other sites in scripts that follow.
  • ST.Script.02.Set-up portfolio siteInstructor logs in and imports legacy matrix (exported from a 2.6 site) and legacy portfolio template, verifying that import is handled correctly.
  • ST.Script.03.Set-up course siteThe instructor for a course site with portfolio tools logs in, and creates Forms, a Matrix, a Portfolio Template, Wizards, etc.from scratch.
  • ST.Script.04.Set-up project siteThe project leader for a project site with portfolio tools logs in, and imports Forms, a Matrix, Wizards, a Portfolio Template, etc.
  • ST.Script.05.Add additional sitesThis script is a freeform opportunity to create several of each type of site (portfolio, course, and project) with a tester-chosen selection of tools, permissions, and configuration.
  • ST.Script.06.Set-up and use the goal management tools
  • ST.Script.07.Set-up groups in project siteThe project leader for a project site with portfolio tools logs in, configures the site with users, groups, and instructors, then exercises group filtering
  • ST.Script.08.Build Matrix in project siteThe project leader for a project site with portfolio tools logs in and constructs a matrix from scratch.
  • ST.Script.09.Associate Course Site and MatrixThe project leader creates a course site with the Assignments tool, associates that site with an existing project site, and links matrix cells to individual assignments.

Activity Four: Test Administration of Matrices and Wizards

Site administrator tests administrative functions of Matrices and Wizards, such as exporting, adding rows and columns, changing the style, changing forms, etc. 

Activity Five: Participant Uses Wizards

Each of the Site Participants will use the various Wizards that have been set up in the test sites to collect content. This activity will exercise each type of Wizard (Sequential, Hierarchical, and Matrix) in each type of site (My Workspace, Portfolio, Course, Project). The scripts will involve starting wizards, stopping before they are complete, resuming previously started Wizards, submitting pages for Evaluation, reviewing after Evaluation, viewing Feedback from Reviewers, etc.

Activity Six: Participant Designs Portfolio

The scripts in the section have all been replaced by the Test Plan section of the document Improving Portfolio User Experience

Use the Test Plan section of the document Improving Portfolio User Experience for testing the Portfolios tool.

Activity Seven: Reviewers Review Work

For this activity, the Coordinator/Instructor logs in to be a Reviewer. S/he logs in, reviews work that has been shared through portfolios, and also work in-progress in a Portfolio Owner's Wizards.

Activity Eight: Evaluators Evaluate Work

Evaluator logs in and evaluates work from multiple portfolio owners. This set of scripts excercise all of the various review functions and the multiple ways of accessing them. In addition, this sequence of scripts requires multiple iterations between the Portfolio Owner and Evaluator.

Activity Nine: Analyzing Reports

This sequence of test scripts exercises the reporting capabilities of OSP. Each of the various roles that may design and/or use reports is involved in this sequence.

System Test Variations

Variation One: Localization

Run through all system test activities with a set of resource bundles for a language other than English.

Variation Two: OSP 2.0 Migration

Tests that exercise migrating from OSP 2.0 to OSP 2.1. The migration expectations defined are defined in Design.General.Migration and are the guideline for these scripts.

Miscellaneous Scripts Miscellaneous Scripts

These are miscellaneous scripts that need to be placed somewhere in the sequence. They are already written but their placement in sequence is not yet clear.

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