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Add Maintainers

As of September 19, 2011

Please do not use the scripts below.  The OSP test scripts have been moved to a public Google Docs spreadsheet, which is available at: This will allow concurrent editing of each script and easier documentation and tracking of results.

Script Information


The Administrator adds appropriate test users as maintainers in appropriate sites.



Special skills required to run test



Previous scripts executed in sequence.

Time required

~15 minutes

Last Updated

Updated for 2.8 on 10/19/10

Testing Steps



Expected Result


Select Portfolio Admin tab. If it is not present, select My Active Sites instead.

If 'Portfolio Admin' tab was present, the 'Portfolio Admin' site displays. Otherwise a list of Administration sites appears.


Select Portfolio Admin site link from the list.

Portfolio Admin 'Site Information Display' appears.


Select Site Info from the left-hand menu

'Site info' tool appears.


Select the Add Participants tool action.

'Add Participants' form appears.


In the Official Email Address or Username text area add 'dschmidt'
Ensure Assign all participants to the same role is selected.
Select 'Continue'

Choose a role form appears.


Choose Program Admin and select Continue.

Email notification screen displays.


Ensure that Don't send... is selected and select 'Continue'

Confirmation page appears with Deaton Schmidt in the list with a single entry.


Select Finish

Site Info page appears with Deaton Schmidt listed with the appropriate role.


Select Test Project tab. If it is not visible, select My Active Sites and select it there

Test Project Site Home appears.


Repeat steps 3-8 using:
- 'kfoster' in place of 'dschmidt' in step 5.
- Program Coordinator in place of Program Admin in step 6.



Repeat steps 3-8 for kfoster as instructor in the course site and CIG Coordinator in the portfolio site.

Script Resources

  File Modified
File ST_Script_03_Add_Maintainers Selenium Script for this step May 04, 2007 by Sean Michael DeMonner
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  1. Unknown User (mlockett)

    For step 13, there is no "instructor" checkbox to select.

  2. For step 11, there is no "CIG Coordinator" – it reads "Program Coordinator" instead.

  3. BUS 101 001 W06 or course created does not seem to appear in list

  4. In step 11, I'm not sure what role is appropriate for kfoster in the portfolio site. There's no maintain, only Evaluator, Reviewer, CIG Participant, CIG Coordinator...