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Verify access to Jira

As of September 19, 2011

Please do not use the scripts below.  The OSP test scripts have been moved to a public Google Docs spreadsheet, which is available at: This will allow concurrent editing of each script and easier documentation and tracking of results.

Script Information


It is important that all issues found during testing are logged in Sakai Jira . This script ensures that the person testing is able to log in and create Jira issues, and knows where to document the test.



Special skills required to run test




Time required

< 5 min


Updated for 2.8 on 10/20/10

Testing Steps



Expected Result


Access Sakai Jira and verify that you are able to log in with your credentials. If you don't have an account, go to (Underneath the login textboxes, you should see the 'Signup for an account' link) and create one, then repeat.

You should see the OSP Jira dashboard with a "Create New Issue" link in the top menu.


Document the test. Navigate to OSP QA 2.8 signups and edit the page by selecting the Edit tab. Add a column to the table with the details of your test if needed.
If you are unable to edit the page, use the comment form at the bottom of the page to document the information you see in the table.

The page will appear updated.

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