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Access OSP

As of September 19, 2011

Please do not use the scripts below.  The OSP test scripts have been moved to a public Google Docs spreadsheet, which is available at: This will allow concurrent editing of each script and easier documentation and tracking of results.

Script Information


Open a browser and navigate to the appropriate URL.


List roles


Start computer with Internet connection

Time required

< 1 min.

Last Updated

Sakai 2.8 10/20/10

Testing Steps



Expected Result


Set your desktop screen resolution to 1024x768.
Alternatively use a utility like the Firefox Web Developer toolbar to set the browser size for testing



Open a supported browser.

System should be able to start browser and connect user to his/her default web site.


Navigate to OSP URL
There are two options for testing: 1) Install the latest release yourself , or 2) use one of the servers in the
In either case, the pattern of the URL will be: http://testinstance.url:####/portal/ where :#### indicates the port number, which may or may not be present.
Navigate your browser to the appropriate URL. For example, on the Test Instances page, click on the tab for the Revision you are testing, such as 'SAKAI 2.7'.

1. Browser displays the user's Sakai My Workspace page.

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  1. I'd recommend that testers set their screen resolution to whatever we're targeting as the minimum, such as 1024 x 768. This is relevant for the alignment and visibility of screen elements.