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Proposed OSP 2.6 Reporting Requirements (in order of priority)

  1. Create a sample artifact report definition to use in accessing student artifacts by means of specific parameters and/or random selection of users or user artifacts in relation to specific parameters - Low Effort
  2. Put existing administrative and OSP tool sample report definitions in OSP Library along with links to documentation for each report in Sakai Confluence. Documentation will include purpose of report and how to implement report. - Medium Effort -
  3. Create report pagination at the data level (rather than code level) to allow users to click through report data one page at a time. - Low to Medium Effort -
  4. Provide ability to export and import report definitions. - Medium Effort
  5. Document the OSP Data Warehouse using a data model relationship to describe the data structures and facilitate the integration of internal data with external data from student information systems. - Low to Medium Effort -
  6. Allow parameters to be passed between OSP report definitions (linked/drill-down reports). - Low to Medium Effort -
  7. Identify and integrate a Report Builder facilitating selection of available parameters for building of specific reports. Initially limit Report Builder access to system admin to avoid data security issues. - Effort depends on Noah Botimer's progress in working with BIRT functionality.
  8. Provide a POI to export all report results directly to MS Excel. - Low Effort
  9. Provide ability to batch export subsets of artifacts to zip files - Low Effort
  10. Create documentation for writing .xml report definitions and add to Sakai Confluence. - Medium Effort (Will Trillich volunteers for this task.)
  11. Create a security level to allow specified high level administrators to access the Report Builder. This requirement might benefit by association with a GMT security requirement. - Medium Effort
  12. Optimize OSP Data Warehouse so that it takes less time to run with large amounts of data. - High Effort -
  13. Write plug-ins to expose the data from specific tools (goal management/assignments, discussion, chat, etc.) to queries from reports. Consider using BIRT access to all live data in the Sakai api. Effort depends on Noah Botimer's progress in working with BIRT functionality.

1 Comment

  1. During the OSP meeting on Nov 5, 2007 Beth noted that this list of requirements seem to exist without context as to "what problem these requirments solves". I added that I THOUGHT that many of these requirements exist in order to extract examples of student work from student classes and surface them for program review.

    I also noted that this is very similar to the stated intent of IU's development work around Goal Management. My guess is that where there is overlap in tool functionality, there is also an opportunity to simplify the tools or combine them in a way that leverages the advantages of each to provide a slick experience for users.

    I'd propose that the functional group (as well as some tech types involved in Reports like John E. or Brooke) should examine the "use cases/scenarios" around the use of these two sets of tool and make a functional recommendation to the community.