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Potential Minispec Titles by Verbs


I want to collect, organize, retrieve and preserve examples of my work over time.


I want to select examples from my collected work for purposes such as self-presentation, self-analysis, or demonstrating achievement.


I want to reflect spontaneously and/or in response to formal prompts.


I want to use existing or revised examples of my work in new contexts.

Present and Express:

I want to present information and examples of my work to different audiences in different ways (as directed by others and of my choice).


I want to provide evidence of and rationale for learning.

Establish and Assess Outcomes: 

I want to publish and map learning outcomes to course and/or program objectives in order to assess them via rubrics.


I want to guide the creation of portfolios for different purposes by creating such things as: templates, assignments, files, rubrics, and prompts.


I want to associate artifacts and data structures (sites and tools) to each other, to learning outcomes, and to external resources.


I want label and organize artifacts such as: files, reflections, assignments, in order to be searchable by myself and others.

Manage Process:

I want to design and publish a portfolio framework and determine, direct, and monitor workflow, roles, and permissions within it.

Give and Receive Feedback:

I want to determine how feedback is organized and provide different types of feedback to different audiences at different levels within the portfolio process.


I want to be able to examine, rate, and comment on entire portfolio or their components including my own.


I want to allow others inside and outside of my institution to view some or all of a portfolio I have permission to share.


I want to gather, analyze, display, and preserve portfolio data to support institutional, programmatic, course, and individual assessment processes.


I want to make some things private and some things public in my portfolio and be aware of how my institution uses my portfolio data. 


I want to be able to be able to access and edit my data for an indefinite length of time.


I want to be able to freeze and save, automatically or at will, versions of artifacts or collections of artifacts at any point in time.

Migrate and Export:

I want to be able to move portfolio structure and/or data within an institutional system or from one system to another. 


I want to copy or transfer the structure and data of a portfolio to my computer or to other devices or media without the use of a special reader.


I want to take responsibility for learning and development by making choices about how data is developed and used in collaboration with instructors, advisors, and administrators.

Facilitate Tasks:

I want a centralized location from which to view and coordinate my portfolio responsibilities.

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  1. Sorry I am in here a bit late.

    Under preserve I would also like versions of my previous collections/presentations kept

    I would also sometimes like to collaborate on materials - perhaps that is part of manage?