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Introducing Karuta, a soon-to-be open source portfolio application with LTI integration to Sakai


The Open Source Portfolio (OSP) tools in Sakai are well known for their assessment matrices and sharable portfolios. Although these tools have served the community well, more flexibility and expanded reporting capabilities are needed to address the needs of current and future portfolio users in Sakai. Kyoto University, MATI Montreal, and Three Canoes LLC have teamed up to launch Portfolios for the Future of Sakai. We aim to provide a flexible solution in the spirit of OSP that is LTI-enabled for integration with the Sakai CLE. Karuta is a portfolio prototyping tool, developed by MATI Montreal at the University of Montreal, that can be used to quickly and iteratively design a working portfolio and to put it into production. Karuta is already in successful use with three schools at the University of Montreal. The new functionality has enabled Kyoto University to capture the many nuances of an assessment portfolio workflow for a new doctoral program in global leadership. Through the work of Three Canoes LLC, Karuta is now LTI-enabled for use in Sakai 2.8 and 2.9. Kyoto University will provide access to Karuta using its Sakai 2.9 instance known as PandA.

Planned Entry into Apereo incubation:

In the near future our project will apply to become an Apereo Incubation Project. A major part of incubation will be a formalization of the process by which other institutions can join and contribute to our project. Our aim is to eventually release Karuta as an open source, LTI-enabled, portfolio application that is suitable for use in the Sakai CLE. Benefits of the incubation process will include:

  • Formalization of project
  • Sponsorship by two or more Apereo institutions
  • Mentoring by Apereo representative
  • Inbound and outbound licensing
  • Progress with use of SVN, JIRA, Confluence, mailing list, web presence
  • Opportunity for additional community members to join the project
  • Periodic review by Apereo
  • Opportunity to leave incubation through promotion to a full-fledged Apereo product

Karuta Demo from 12/2/13 OSP Community Meeting

Karuta Demo 12-3-13.ppt

Open Apereo 2013 Presentation:

Portfolios for the Future of Sakai - Open Apereo 2013.pdf

Our presentation includes the following information:

  • Current Status of the Portfolio Tools in Sakai
  • Origins, Development, and Future of the Project
  • Kyoto University use of Karuta (previously known as WAD)
  • Background on MATI Montréal
  • Karuta (WAD) Demonstration
    • Portfolio Requirements
    • Step by Step
    • Road Map
    • Development Team
  • Next steps for the Sakai Portfolio Community

Portfolio Community Participation:

  • Participation by additional community members who endorse the initial plans of the project will be welcome.
  • Participation must be accompanied by a contribution of resources (funding, developer or designer time, functional leadership, QA, and/or documentation) to the project.
  • New participants will be expected to run at least a small pilot using the current functionality on their servers.

Anticipated Future Enhancements:

  • Reporting via semantic tags
  • Showcase portfolio
  • Services linking to selected Sakai tools (e.g. Resources, Lesson Builder, etc.) using LTI-2
  • Additional improvements as agreed upon by project members

For Previous Work on Portfolio Visioning for Sakai, consult Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE

For Further Information, contact:

Janice Smith, Three Canoes LLC,

Jacques Raynauld, Montreal MATI,

Shoji Kajita, Kyoto University,

Naoshi Hiraoka, Kyoto University,

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  1. I reviewed the Karuta Demo PPT

    You have some spelling errors.

    On the Outline slide:  Resources

    Slide 6, 7: Example (in the title)

    Slide 14: mechanic  (or possible mechanics)