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  • Portfolio Minispecs Meeting Notes from March 25, 2011
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  • Debbie Runshe, IUPUI/IU
  • Nancy O'Laughlin University of Delaware
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes


Potential Minispec Titles by Verbs\

Further Specifications for Reporting Minispec\

Functional minispec\

Discussion of:

  • timeline for creating minispecs; more relaxed.
  • use of Google docs a possibility.
  • development of more specifications for minispecs.
  • do titles need to be revised, e.g., How is "preserve" different in this potential tiltle as compared to the verb/potential title of "Preserve"?
  • clarification of the verb preserve
  • collection of artifacts unchanged over time
  • software (Will it preserve the document?) vs. policy
  • Is each potential title supposed to stand alone or be combined to develop a minispec?
  • Scenarios ... Guidelines for minispecs
  • Could the reporting minispec specificatons be used to "fill in" the Guidelines for a Minispec?
  • Will invite reporting group to do this; perhaps at their April 5th meeting.
  • Perhaps continue to brainstorm next steps.

Next Meeting April 8th

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