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  • Portfolio Minispecs Meeting Notes from June 3, 2011
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  • Debbie Runshe, Indiana University/IUPUI
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes
  • Bob Squillace, NYU
  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University


 Portfolio Minispec Development Work Page

Potential Minispec Titles by Verbs

Reporting Minispec Draft

Functional minispec

Today's topics:

  • Review minispec template for possible changes.
  • Plan for BoF session at conference on portfolio visioning.


  • Personnas in our user scenarios may not need to be changed given the "flux" in the OAE process. On the other hand, if we can change them, it would be more in keeping with the OAE personas.
  • Review of minispec template supplied for each portfolio minispec on the Portfolio Minispec Development Work Page.
  • Review of personas in user scenarios in potential primary scenarios - possible substitution for existing Sakai personas. Debbie will switch out personas as decided by the group. The actual scenarios are not being changed.
  • Janice will add Peter as a new personna and refer readers to the user scenario in which he appears for details.
  • At Sakai LA, Lynn will talk about what a minispec is and how the group is using the minispec to add to OAE requirements - she will do this instead of talking about Sakai OAE. Bob will talk about where OAE is going in relation to portfolios and assessment.
  • Minispecs and user scenarios can be used at our institutions for explaining to faculty and others what portfolios are all about.
  • Minispecs have helped us all clarify our thinking about portfolios
  • Minispec group will touch base at Sakai LA as a means of discussing our work over the summer and into the fall.
  • A key factor will be the session on how to contribute to Sakai OAE. We can see how what we are doing meshes with the managed project plans.

Next Meeting: TBD

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