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  • Portfolio Minispecs Meeting Notes from January 10, 2012
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In attendance:

    * Debbie Runshe, Indiana University

    * Bob Squillace, NYU

    * Lynn Ward, IU

    * Jacques Raynauld, HEC Montréal


    * Sakai portfolio community contributions and feedback to the OAE project

OAE environment can be explored

Some basic designs can be found at:

URG Notes on Structured Feedback:

Portfolio Scenarios Analysis by User Needs:

Discussion of portfolio community contributing to OAE Development/URG

    * Lynn Ward has volunteered. Community supports her, so she will contact Lucy Appert.

    * Lynn will keep OSP Community updated.


    * may move away from minispecs

    * focus on specific development focuses

    * Needs by Category from Portfolio Scenario Analysis

    * URG Structured Feedback Discussion: Cases

    * structured feedback is most often within a system, e.g., gradebook, reports

    * portfolio elements? e.g., a single reviewer or program to develop a rubric to be used (analytic rubric; weighting of criteria; possible criteria, from the most simplistic to more complex: from acceptable/unacceptable to multiple criteria with a more complex scale with detailed descriptors; the ability to revise ratings; multiple evaluators and summary score on: individual items, or on a grouping of items, or a collection of items)

    * rubrics defined?

    * peer review

    * blind review(s)

    * institutional goals or formal outcomes; the ability to  convert  the ratings of faculty/departmental/programmatic level goals/outcomes to the ratings for institutional goals/outcomes

    * a way to aggregate structured feedback (a place to "find" feedback easily; may also want to be able disassociate the grade for presentation purposes; a place for students to monitor their progress)

    * we need a way to add these specific portfolio user cases/needs to the URG discussion

    * Time of meetings? Is it possible to meet earlier to include Capetown?

    * Merging of Visioning - Minispecs meetings? move to biweekly meetings

    * Create Doodle to get feedback on above

    * Individual reviewer to create and apply a rubric

    * Program creates a rubric and pushed out to others to apply to student work

    * Criteria-based (analytic) rubric

    * Update/revise rating based in changes in work'

    * Multi-evaluator workflow

    * Multi-level evaluation

    * Blind review

    * Ability to share the rubric with the

    * See a list of outcomes an assignment is meant to teach

    * Student (dashboard that show's how I am doing)

    * System in which the individual items of structured feedback averaged for the entire portfolio.

    * Attach a piece of structured feedback on individual items, a collection of items, or on an entire portfolio

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 24, 2012  4:00-5:00 PM EST

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