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  • Portfolio Minispecs Meeting Notes from February 11, 2011
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Friday, February 11, 2011, 12:00-1:00 PM, EST


  • Teggin Summers, Virginia Tech
  • Nancy O'Laughlin, University of Delaware
  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Bob Squillace
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes


Google doc:

Collect & Preserve:

I want to collect, organize, retrieve and preserve examples of my work over time.


I want to select examples from my collected work for purposes such as self-presentation, self-analysis, or demonstrating achievement.


I want to reflect spontaneously and/or in response to formal prompts.


I want to use existing or revised examples of my work in new contexts.

Present & Express:

I want to present information and examples of my work to different audiences in different ways (as directed by others and of my choice).


I want to provide evidence of and rationale for learning.

Establish & Assess Outcomes: 

I want to publish and map learning outcomes to course and/or program objectives in order to assess them via rubrics.


I want to guide the creation of portfolios for different purposes by creating such things as: templates, assignments, files, rubrics, and prompts.


I want to associate artifacts and data structures (sites and tools) to each other, to learning outcomes, and to external resources.


I want label and organize artifacts such as: files, reflections, assignments, in order to be searchable by myself and others.

Manage Process:

I want to be able to determine, direct, and monitor roles and permissions in the portfolio process.

Give and Receive Feedback:

I want to determine how feedback is organized and provide different types of feedback to different audiences at different levels within the portfolio process.


I want to be able to examine, rate, and comment on entire portfolio or their components including my own.


I want to allow others inside and outside of my institution to view some or all of a portfolio I have permission to share.


I want to gather, analyze, and display portfolio data to support institutional, programmatic, course, and individual assessment processes.


I want to make some things private and some things public in my portfolio and be aware of how my institution uses my portfolio data.


I want to be able to freeze an artifact as appears at a particular moment in time.

Relates to Own, Evaluate, and Collect?

Include - In loco parentis?

Autonomy encourages diverse users to own their virtual identity by ensuring their ability to set preferences, make choices, determine how their data is used, and direct their own learning.



Next Meeting: February 25, 2011.

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