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  • Portfolio Minispecs Meeting Notes from December 20, 2010
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  • Debbie Runshe, Indiana University/IUPUI
  • Jacque Raynauld, HEC Montréal
  • Teggin Summers, Virginia Tech
  • Lynn Ward, Indiana Univesrsity
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes


Debbie: We could start with the minispec title, "I want to collect and present selections of my completed work."

Jacque: There is also work around user needs.

Jan: There seems to be a tension between the assessment world and others in the portfolio world.

Lynn: NYU has assessment in their portfolio functionality.

Jan: Sakai 3 appears to have a more collaborative focus.

Lynn: That's true right now.

Jacque: Doesn't NYU have something build now?

Lynn: Yes, and the focus of OAE, right now, is create, collaborate, share.

Jacque: Can you comment on NYU?

Lynn: You can comment on content; pages and sites are not created like other pages; every user and group has a page; there's a 1-on-1 relationship with user and group; sites and groups are being separated now; and thus the ability to comment on the site.

Jacque: Is there an ability to comment on section of page now?

Lynn: No, unless you have embedded a piece of content, others can comment on that content

Debbie: Should we prioritize and put them along a continuum according to uses, i.e., presentation, assessment, accreditation?

Jan: It all sort of rolls, flows from one to another.

Lynn: Some scenarios may fall nicely under titles.

Teggin: Perhaps we should group then according to verbs.

Jacque: There are lots of verbs, twenty or so.

Lynn: Collect and present maybe should not be combined.

Debbie: Perhaps select and present make more sense together.

Lynn: Other actions to go with collect, e.g., organize; collection continues throughout time, but present may happen multiple times, but not continuously

Jan: I agree.

Jacque: Isn't there a minispec related to building content?

Lynn: Yes, and there is some resistance to building folders; right now it's a flat content pool. This may get unmanageable down the line.

Jacque: A typical way to organize content is by courses.

Lynn: Yes, and owners needs a way to organize. I want to be able to collect and organize my work.

Jan: There has been lots of semantic discussion about possible verbs. I included those discussed in the community, there are others that I did not include that were mentioned, e.g., integration is not there.

Lynn: Integration would be part of reflection.

Jan: The point of the verbs was to be able to share the portfolio process with others in an understandable language.

Lynn: There are other words like associate, link, tag that are sort of technology related verbs.

Jan: There's a mix of technology, philosophy ... We have own as a lens.

Debbie: The word empower is on the list.

Lynn: Some words, like empower, may impact all minispecs.

Jan: Yes, some verbs embody minispecs other verbs inform.

Lynn: Informal evaluation vs. feedback (review).

Jan: I will add select, integrate, review and delete some words that no longer should be there.

Debbie: Our next meeting time? noon, opposite Fridays from Personas, same bridge taken care of through June.

Lynn: Also be aware of the portfolio analysis worksheet

Debbie: Next meeting - January 7; will send reminder.

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